Monday, 1 September 2014

...just a quick thanks


Morning - a quick thanks for you here, literally - thank you to everyone who stopped by the release on Thursday last!! just catching my breath and had time to rustle this little goodie up.

We just released this die - the Picot Panel die - and what is special about this is that it is a self matting die. There's a tutorial here on how to use this die so I won't ramble on in this post, but it is extra neat for creating a little contrasting frame like the one above:

step 1. Cut an aperture in your card front using the die, set aside the panel and frame piece for future use, you don't need those for this project.
step 2. Take a piece of card slightly smaller than your card front, (we'll call this Card B) and cut an aperture in the centre, again set aside the panel and frame for future use.
step 3. Take a piece of contrasting card - in this example I used a green card - die cut with the picot panel. Take the slim green frame and line it up inside the aperture on Card B. adhere with tape - you will want to tape it on the backside so you don't see the tape on the finished card.
step 4. Adhere the completed Card B to the back side of the card front from step 1, lining up the apertures.
step 5. Stamp your sentiment onto another piece of card and mount this in behind Card B. You now have a delicately framed sentiment which is recessed from the main card front, it's a nice look.

For my sentiment today I used the new Hello, Happy, Thanks stamp set, also just released. I love the options to combine colours and sentiments using this set. Well I hope it tickles and gives all you folks who got the picot panel die something else to footer with!


  1. great card - thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Lovely card - so much texture! I do like the pop of green! Got my stamps and am so happy!!

  3. Brilliant - these 2 are top on my want list !!!

  4. Another stunner Claire!! you have such a good eye for what goes together! :-) Hugs!!

  5. That double die is so smart and looks amazing!


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