Saturday, 12 April 2014

...a little eggy goodness 

You might recall this little card from later year's A Good Egg stamp set - well this week we had the matching dies come in and I am just getting them onto the store this evening! Yep, we are cutting it a little fine for Easter this year, but since we are shipping these from both the UK and USA locations, you just might have time to put something together!

The die set features an egg, a banner and two of the flower shapes from the stamp set.

This is absolutely nothing to do with stamps, but you may indeed read on if you too are struggling with, how shall we put this... your own personal vintage. It was suggested to me the other night, by somebody who ought to know better, that I'm getting on a bit. How very dare he.

If you are a taut twenty something and we met at a 'function', it's just possible that you would be tempted to deposit me with your mum and take yourself off to where all the other young folks are clinking glasses and comparing the absence of cellulite, but I can still imitate a slim-ish woman for a whole 47 seconds (after which I need to breathe) and I have a most useful facial feature. I have dimples. Dimples are great, instant youthfulness guaranteed. All I have to do is remember to smile, and by crikey I smiled at the muppet who should have known better the other night.

Being the age I am with the children I have, I often bump into folks I went to school with, ferrying their offspring around to all the events that my own offspring also attend. Folks from your past, in particular old school acquaintances, often mistake ancient fraternity for recent familiarity and I have found that this especially occurs with the male of the species who was perhaps a bit stand-offish, or even cheeky as a pre-teen boy. If you are really unlucky, like I was the other night, you bump into one whose mother never told him that generally, a lady does not like to have her age discussed in public, especially among strangers. Nigel obviously never got the memo and thought it would be fun to introduce my incredible antiquity to the general chat among the group of daddies gathered with us in the foyer...

Time to engage the dimples. Lots of dimples, also raised eyebrows. Feigning complete surprise is always a good move. With dimples set to 'stun' I decided to throw in the anime eyes for good measure. Having sucked in my breath 42 seconds previously I also knew that I needed to be outside within the next five and so as I grinned a last a goodbye wave and wafted around the doorway out into the night the uncomfortableness ended at last when I heard one of the daddies say "Catch a grip Nige, there's no way she's as old as you!"

A silent prayer of thankfulness for the unknown daddy. Don't care whether he really believed it it or not, chivalry lives on.


  1. Thanks Claire - thoroughly enjoyed this!

  2. Great story! Brought a smile to my face!

  3. You know, after a while it doesn't really matter how long I hold my breath so I have just decided to go with it. If they want to be crass I will just be crass back! Your knight sounds good though - here, the kids call someone who is a bit daft a Nigel, if that helps!

  4. Got a good chuckle from reading today's blog. Just keep saying to yourself, "You are as young as you feel."

  5. Love your story. I have a big problem saying the word fifty eight. I just discovered I have a problem typing it! LOL! However, I do get the occasional "you must be in your forties". We are as young as we want to be. :)

  6. Thank you for this die set! I don't have the ability to use cut files and am getting tired of cutting by hand! :)

  7. Super cute glimpse!
    Loved your story! I like to think about all the wisdom that has deposited itself all around my roundness! Sure I would love to be thinner, but I wouldn't want to relive those days of less wisdom!

  8. Ah yes, Claire, you are brilliant!! So happy that you were able to make such a clever exit!! Serve Nigel right to be called on the carpet for trying to divulge your age! I've always loved dimples: you're a lucky duck to have them!! Hugs to you!!!

  9. That chick and egg are adorable! As for the other, I'm right there with you on looking slim if holding my breath. LOL One thing, I do know, is people view us very differently than we view ourselves and they value us much higher because of the strong women we really are. You would be surprised at how many daddies are impressed by you...beautiful smile, wit, dimples and own your own creative crafty business. Need I say more...

  10. Well written, well said! Thank you for reminding us that we are not alone and as time marches on, so do the affirmations of a life well lived and enjoyed!


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