Wednesday, 19 March 2014

...Up the airy mountain...


Photo credit - last pic courtesy of Wikipedia commons. All other photos - CBrennan.
It has become the norm lately that events are upon me before I have even realised that they are coming! St Patrick's Day this year was one such and at a quarter to midnight the night before, a last moment decision was made to climb Slemish mountain next day in honour of St Patrick. 

Slemish is not really a mountain, more of a hill, but we folks in Ireland don't really have things on a grand scale as you do in say, the Alps or the Grand Canyon, so any hole in the hedge here can be a town or even a city. Any bump in the road is able to call itself a hill without giving offence to any neighbouring hillock.

And why would you climb a hill on St Patrick's Day? Well, St Patrick himself is reputed to have spent around 6 years as a slave in Ireland and many of them are supposed to have passed tending livestock for his master on this very hill.

Since I'm sure you have all seen a St Patrick's Day parade in your time, I thought you might like a peep at a place that St Pat himself is very likely to have been. Slemish is very busy on St Patrick's Day but it would be a great place to sit and think some quiet Sunday afternoon!

Heading up, not going to lose that little dude on the hill...

About half way up, stopped to take pics. Nothing at all to do with fitness level.

Getting a little misty up top, rain on the way.

Much easier on the way down, remember that for next time.

Slemish seen from the road.


  1. Sounds like you all had a super day! Lovely photos too!

  2. Great photos! You are much fitter than I am - there's no way I could make it up there now!

  3. Beautiful photos, Claire. That looks like quite the hike! I can see needing a breather or two or three... What a wonderful way to celebrate the day - definitely better than green beer.

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos! My maternal ancestors came to Canada from Ireland in the late 1840s. My grandmother visited, but I haven't made it yet. WMS tours, anyone? ;-)

  5. Hi Claire

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures, it looks as if you had a great day. And it looks as if it was also quite busy that day on the Slemish hill but it was certainly fun to walk up there. I liked the view that you have down to the valley and the sheep.

    Have a nice day!

    P.S. Living close to mountains rising up to about 4'000 m, the Slemish is for me really more a hill than a mountain *smile*.

  6. Claire, thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos. Wasn't it a lovely way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day surrounded by such glorious countryside. Love when you share photos of our great Isle.

  7. Oh Claire, you didn't!!!! Yes, you did...good girl.....about 10 years ago DH and I did this on a 'normal' day when there was no one around to see just how many times we stopped for a breather...I only managed 2/3 the way up...DH went all the way to the top. Well done! It's a tough one!

  8. What great pics and interesting story Claire! thanks for sharing it with us! Looks like you had to hike a few miles just to get to the base of the mountain!?!


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