Friday, 9 August 2013

...Safe Harbour Sentiments and Zig Zag Backgrounder

ED - lol, Deirdre, all I ask is enough notice to clean the house!! it's a little worse for wear this week!!!

Ahem...good I'm crawling in at this late hour with one of my samples. We took in a massive amount of stock yesterday and it was all hands to the pump and as a result I'm letting the team down badly with my lack of samples for Saturday's big release. Hope to catch up, starting with this one.

I have miss Renee Lynch to thank for seriously setting me off on the Nautical theme some time ago, Renee made the most wonderful suggestions about some stamps she was itching to have and I could not have been happier to try to fulfill her wishes! I loved drawing the stamps for this release and one of my very favourites was this little bunch of seafaring sentiments, Safe Harbour Sentiments. There are 4 sentiments in this set, each featuring some nautical graphics, this one borrows the tiny lantern from Little Lanterns to illustrate the point. If you take a gander at the close up - you can see I added some teeny weeny rays to the lamp.

 I'm a huge fan of detail, it's all about details for me, I think that is what give stamps their personality. I'm also hugely nosey about how folks do 'stuff', I love the behind the scenes shots that some folks take while card making and so I am making an attempt to take how-to pics of anything I make from now on...we'll see how long that lasts, but I have the bestest ever intentions!

The background zig zag of this card is one of our new backgrounders, also releasing on Saturday and I wanted to show you how i am using these, i might have posted about it before, but here's a refresher anyhow. In the pic below you can see that I have left the stamp on it's carrier sheet. I just set it down on my work surface, stamp side up and ink it up in the usual way.

I have my card front panel prepped and sitting to the side in this pic.

Once I have finished inking, three times round the stamp and one for's like waxing your legs, isn't it? you never quite know when you are

Anyhow, once inked, I set the piece of card down n top of the stamp and I add a sheet of white paper, just a scrap sheet over the top - this way I can rub my hands all over the sheet, pushing the card down on to the stamp nice and firmly and evenly without getting ink on my hands.

Next I carefully lift off the scrap sheet - which you can see in the pic, it has a little zig zag border on it and an impression of the sentiment where I was testing ink colours.

I am real careful when I lift the card panel off. A toothpick or some such pokey tool is handy for the initial peel. Et Voila the zig zag background nicely covers my card panel. I made it a slightly distressed Zig Zag finish as I love that softness and texture that you get with a distressed image.

Next up I assemble my bits and bobs - I'm using a little navy rope as an accent and with ropes they can unfurl badly so I wrap a little tape around the place where I think I am going to want to cut the rope, before I actually cut. That way, my ends are already bound once I have made the cut in the middle of the tape.

I added a little yellow glow to the mini lantern at this point. My little pieces of rope are threaded through holes on my sentiment panel that I punched and I threaded them through first, before securing the sentiment panel to the zig zag panel, that meant I could pull my little ropes around to the back of the zig zag panel and secure them with extra strong tape.

The finished card - simple! hope it tickles.

I will be back on the morrow with more, and just in case you did not see the ladies gorgeous samples from today, here is the link list!


  1. Gorgeous card Claire, love all the tips, thank you. Love the background stamp too, oh gosh, think I'll be doing serious shopping come Saturday - everything I've seen so far needs to come home to me!!! Must go visit the ladies now. Thanks to Renee for her suggestions :-)

  2. Me again, have been to see all of today's creations from the DT, how do you all do it, come up with such inspiration each time? Fantabulous!!! Claire, I was thinking here, if I set out from home early tomorrow morning, can I come shopping in person, can I, can I??? Can't wait as you have gathered;-) xx

  3. Love the sample AND the techniques! Seeing how others do things helps me learn something new but also shows me how to do something in a way I might not have readily thought of. As in DER!
    Shame on you Claire if you're the designer, you know the when and where and you still can't get with the programme!!! LOL! Just kidding :-P Hugs.

  4. What a wonderful release you have in store for us tomorrow - your best so far I think (and that's saying something)!!! SO many sets I NEED!!!

  5. Wow!! Claire you and your DT have excelled yourselves. The inspiration cards are all stunning, and I think this is my favourite release. Can't wait to go shopping!!! Renee - thanks again for suggesting the nautical theme! Great work ladies!

  6. The DT have done you proud again! I am loving the latest release - just wish I had enough money to buy it all!

  7. Claire I love the process photos! So fun to see the "how" of projects in process! Love this beautiful card and all of the design teams posts! So fun! Looking forward to the release!:)

  8. Ah Claire who has time for housework with all this excitement!!! Maybe, it's as well we don't have access to bricks and mortar shop, twould be chaotic with us all clamouring for attention! The excitement is building here, was just asked had I placed my order yet!! One more sleep.........

  9. Claire this is a super tutorial, thank you, and a lovely card! Always partial to blue and white. Can't wait to see all the new stamps. Your word 'details' struck a cord as I LOVE details!

  10. I love the photo process, I learn so many new things this the stamp set too...I haven't looked at the other sneak peeks until now...I get to anxious waiting for the release if I start too I only have to wipe the drool from my mouth once instead of all week :)

    ohhhh, by the way I think I recognize a stampin up ink pad....ummm, have you tried Close to my heart????


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