Monday 4 February 2013

...Cranberry Sauce Colour Challenge

ED - the link is now up and I'm late with my sample!!! arg, I am finding this colour group hard to work with - you?

I thought a colour challenge might be fun this morning! I was delighted to see so many folks trying to make their own washi tape and I look forward to hopping along the blogs later, but I thought I might take it a little easier on you this week....and on me - I was one lucky lady at the weekend and got whisked away for a little break in a nice hotel!  It was a belated birthday present from Mr B and I can't smile wide enough.

I just wanted to pop up this inspiration photo so's you can make a start - it's me making Cranberry sauce just before Christmas, but I thought it was fairly colour-appropriate since I'm pretty sure you are all knee deep in Valentines are, aren't you?

Well then, come show me what you make with this colour palette, or as close as you can. We're leaving this one wide open to all stamps, we don't require you to use WMS although we are hugely tickled if you do....

This week we're playing just for fun, and tomorrow I will announce the winner of the washi tape challenge.

To play along with this challenge simply make something using this palette - Ranging from black through a dark plum colour through red and maybe a little dove grey?

Since I'm late adding the linky thing - you have more time!! you have until next Wednesday night, and something tells me we're going to need it, this colour scheme is a challenge for me!


  1. Ooooh fun! I love the mix of challenges you are coming up with, Claire! This color combo is beautiful. So glad that you had a fun weekend with the Mister!!

  2. what a great color challenge!! I'm bummed that the last week flew by, and I didn't get the chance to do the washi tape challenge (but still plan to try it anyway!) Good for you - glad you and the Mr. got a little time away to enjoy! I know it is well deserved! :) Cheers!

  3. Claire, that's an interesting combination of colours and I already have an idea - now I just need time.
    I look forward to seeing your sample!


  4. Yummy colors Claire! How wonderful to be whisked away~hope you had a nice vacation. ;)

  5. Oh you lucky girl! The hotel sounds fabulous - you deserve it and Mr. B sounds like an angel... if only huh? Beautiful colors Claire!

  6. These colors are gorgeous and that inspiration photo is yummy yet divine, but I have a feeling it will be a bit of challenge to incorporate.


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