Wednesday, 28 November 2012

...December sneaky...

Good evening! I have a little peek for you. We are having a little release this Saturday, 1st December - there are 4 new stamp sets to show you between now and then and this is a peek of one of them, I will be back in the morning to begin our samples and I can't wait to hear what you think of these!


If you are familiar with WMS you might be aware that 2012 has not been a particularly good vintage for us. There were personal lows this year with the loss of my mum and following that we had a supplier issue which has set us back at least two months. This lead to a very haphazard release schedule and I just wanted to pay tribute to my lovely DT ladies who have stuck with me literally through thick and thin this year. The girls have had to put up with tight deadlines, last moment requests, disappointments when sets had to be cancelled and a general all round inability to plan their own time, due to my own schedule being so haphazard this year.

They are the very best bunch of girls I could have hoped for, they have kept us afloat in rough seas and I am hugely in debt to both the DT ladies and the Mischief Makers for their unending fabulous creations. Thank you ladies!

Thanks is also due in heavy measure to our friends who keep coming back to us, shopping in the store, pinning our creations on our gallery, on Pinterest, on Facebook, sharing their WMS creations on their blogs or chatting about us on forums. Folks who get the word out there and helping to make sure that we can continue, that I can continue, that I can draw stamps and at the same time be at home for my wee folks. Thank you.


  1. A sweet peek and a so sweet message, Claire! Sending warm wishes for a blessed 2013 with smooth sailing :)

  2. You make wonderful stamps, and your DT is tops!

  3. A classy thank you. Hopefully 2013 will look up!

  4. OUR pleasure! You are an easy lady to support and stick behind, Claire. I love your designs, but more importantly, I love your approach to your business and your customers. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Saturday!

  5. The sneak peek looks fun! I agree it has been a challenging year for you, Claire. You have handled it all with grace and aplomb. And the DT and MM ladies are certainly the best! I always enjoy seeing your creations, too, and hope you have time for more playing yourself as things calm down to a dull roar. Looking forward to a very creative year ahead for all of us!

  6. I really hope 2013 is a better year for you. I love your stamps and I plan to keep shopping and stamping!

  7. What a lovely message! I agree that you have a great team around you. You've had a rough year - here's hoping 2013 will be better. BTW - a cute sneak peek.

  8. Claire you are so dedicated to what you do. The customer service you provide is brilliant of which I have personal experience.
    I come back to your blog everyday keen to see more so thank you for your shop and inspiration, I will be back soon.
    I hope 2013 is better for you, as you deserve it

  9. Oh, love the sneak peak and hoping 2013 will be better! Your DT and MM are fabulous!! Well, you are too...wonderful message!


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