Thursday, 8 November 2012

...brown paper packages tied up with string

Good evening! I have some simple package adornments to show you, I made these a while back for a magazine, I think it's ok for me to show you these now...LOL, hope so anyhow....

I used Fimo light, air drying modelling material in white. Since I had to supply info for the magazine, I can give you a quick run down, if you think you might like to make some:

Time to make: 5 mins plus overnight drying time.

• Stamps used - Nutcracker Sweet, Candy Jar Christmas, Festive Foliage
• Fimo light, air drying modelling material in white
• Cream button twine (twine used is from Waltzingmouse Stamps)
• Parcel wrapped in kraft paper, widely available. Gift card pouches are made from kraft card stock using Seed packet template from WMS.
• Ink of your choice, and a stiff tipped brush such as a stencil brush. I used Ranger distress inks in Fired Brick, Crushed Olive and Wild Honey
• strong adhesive such as a glue gun


1. Make seals by rolling out Fimo light air dry clay until it is about 5mm thick. cut out circles using a pastry putter or an upturned egg cup.
2. Stamp the image onto the Fimo discs and leave to dry, preferably overnight.
3. Wrap parcels in brown paper and tie with cream button twine.
4. When Fimo disks are dry, use a stiff brush in a circular motion to apply ink to the white disks.
5. Attach finished discs to parcels using glue gun.

I am still shipping after the release but I hope to be back in the next few days with a few more of the magazine projects!

Hope they tickle!


  1. These look fabulous will have to give them a go. Caroline xxx

  2. These are so cool looking Claire! Love the embossed look they have!

  3. Fantastic!!! I love this. I must give it a try very soon.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. EXCELLENT idea! You are genius and I know Tim Holtz & Ranger would completely agree!! :D

  5. I love it! They look so substantial~

  6. Oooh, love these! Great effect!

  7. I just did a tutorial for Pink Persimmon doing this very thing... but I think your clay sounds a lot better. Mine took 3 days to dry!

    These look gorgeous!! You always have the most fun ideas, and put them together flawlessly. <3

  8. These remind me of sealing wax, which is also fabulous stuff!

  9. These turned out brilliantly. Love the look and don't these gifts looks divine!!!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial info! These are just precious!

  11. They sure tickle...LOVE them such a great idea to see more magazine projects!!!


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