Wednesday, 19 September 2012

...ceramic magic

I owe you cards, I owe you many, many cards, and I will get there...

In the meantime, I wanted to show you this! Imagine my surprise about a year after I began WMS, when I walked into a craft fair on the North Coast and found this! Talk about tickled!! I think it was really the first time that I had ever seen anyone, as opposed to a coerced relative, actually using my stamps! I felt like I was famous!

What happened next was that I smiled so widely that air began to seep up into my brain, inflating my sense of achievement to the point where I found my mouth, independently, and rather immodestly introducing myself to the creator of this cracking little ceramic tag, as the 'drawer-upper' of the stamp! (it's from Wanda's Pantry)

Turns out she's a Lisburn lady too! She makes fabulous things from ceramic, I can especially vouch for the gorgeous Christmas trinkets. You can see some of her beautiful things here, and in the unlikely event that she might stumble across this post, I'll end by saying Happy Birthday Keri! More power to your elbow!


  1. Claire, you are tooooo funny! Don't you know that you are famous? In all the best possible ways - quality of product, niceness of spirit and true heart. You are well-known in the stamping/crafting world and it seems you are the only one who doesn't know it!

  2. Is the Wanda's Pantry stamp set going to be back in stock any time soon? I would really love to have this set. Thanks

  3. I think it's super! Your post really made me smile.

  4. So true the first comment..and you are so sweet too!
    Super idea the tag!

  5. That's brilliant! Must be a lovely feeling - I agree with 'Anonymous' up there - you are the only one who doesn't know how totally wonderful & famous you are!! Loving the ceramic tag - would like to give that a go. Chat soon x x

  6. Wow that's so cool! I think you are famous because lots of crafty girls I know in California know of your stamps and even told me about you! It must be an awesome feeling to know that your stamps are everywhere! :-D

  7. Love this are famous!!!!


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