Monday, 13 February 2012

...first craft robo card

ED - Robin, I don't seem to be able to do a .gsd, is a .dxf any use?

And I have to say I'm liking it!! Not blowing my own trumpet, here, it's the craft robo I like! I created this cut file to test out my robo in conjunction with my drawing program (I use Illustrator) and I'm happy enough. If you look in the close up, you can see areas where the detail proved a letle too much for the cutter, but to be honest I'm an old fusspot and when you look at the card as a whole you really don't see the rough bits.

Nope overall, I'm impressed. I expect this guy to be great fun in my craft room, but I am missing those lovely embossed edges that I get with my dies, so I'm not about to swop, but I am very happy with this addition to my crafting cupboard!

You can get the cut file from HERE, we are currently having issues with the freebie downloads at the store (bought downloads are not affected). Feel free to use it for personal stuff, I hope it works for you, it's an SVG file, and please feel free also to leave a comment here telling me what sorts of files, other than svg, work for your cutters, If I can make a version for you of this and future freebies I will!

For my card I cheated slightly and created two mats, one slightly smaller that I cut out in yellow and put behind the main image, and one slightly larger in a darker purple.

Much sponging and stamping with a Nordic Winter pattern stamp to get a nice mottled effect on my purple heart...I was soo excited to get the machine going that I didn't really stop to think about what colour of card I was putting through...expect to see a much nicer colour scheme real soon!!

Anyhow, this was great fun!! hoping to experiment again soon!!
hope it tickles!!!


  1. It's fabulous! I love the purple and yellow too - makes a change from all the red and pink out there in valentines choked blogland of late!

  2. Wow - did this cut nicely Claire - I have 'issues' with delicate cuts on my Silhouette - I hope I have as much success as you did!

  3. Hi Claire, if it's not a lot of trouble, could you do a GSD file? Your project turned out beautiful! Though I think you are longing for Halloween again!! LOL Love the texturing you did to the cut file!

  4. Your card is just stunning! Thank you for the beautiful cut file and have fun with your CR! I just got a new cutter so hopefully I'll give your heart a try!

  5. I love the vibrant and non-traditional colors. Very perky. I haven't been impressed with the precision of my Cricut but I believe the Craft Robo is supposed to be better. Might get to this tomorrow. Cross my fingers.

  6. Looking good! Wonderful colours!! I may yet be tempted by a Robo!

  7. Lovely! Wanted to let you know I mentioned your svg file and pretty heart on my blog
    Have a great week :)

  8. It so so beautiful Claire,
    Yellow & purple such are 'ngam' combination. Very clever as always.
    Thank for sharing with us.

  9. I LOVE it! Unfortunately I have a cricut and can't get the SCAL that works with it. I've seen it on ebay but it's more expensive than buying another cutting machine. I know quite a few people who are selling their cricuts to buy silhouettes due to this - and also they say that the silhouette cuts more crisply and doesn't have the frayed edges like on your card (and several of the cricut cuts I've used.

    Like you, I love the embossing and rounded edgets I get with my dies so I'm going to keep both. A girl can't have too many crafting supplies right? ;) Good luck in your endeavors and I can't wait to see your next design. :)

  10. This looks fab. I just inherited a Silhouette recently and am dying to try it out; but haven't found much time recently. This freebie might just be the lil shove i need! :) Thanks Claire for sharing!

  11. Gorgeous card. I've not graduated to electronic cutting yet, but it looks fab :)


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