Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Katie update

Folks I just heard news that Katie Renz is in hospital today, this lady is fighting hard for her life. I know that many of you have already been along to the Swimming for Katie event (two posts back) but please, would you mind visiting the event, praying, sending positive vibes, whatever positive contribution you are able to make. I'll put up proper links when I get home, but you can get all the info if you scroll back two posts. Thank you.

Click here:


  1. thanks for keeping me updated, Claire.

  2. Prayers being sent.. I can't think of anything scarier.

  3. I visited the hop this morning and bought two of the images. I will continue to pray for Katie and her family during this horrible time. I know, from experience, that each time she goes in the hospital, people tend to fear the worst; it becomes difficult to hold onto hope. Praying for hope to keep them strong. KEEP SWIMMING KATIE!


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