Tuesday, 18 January 2011 goodies at the store

I am adding a few little 6x6 paper pads to the store today. I love Cosmo Cricket papers and typically I buy them and then horde them LOL! Before I had the store, Cosmo Cricketness was hard to find in my neck of the woods and so I have jumped at the chance to add a little stock of these goodies to the store on a trial basis. I imagine all you USA ladies will be tripping over these in every LSS, but where I am, these are still a bit of a novelty! lol.

Unlike my stamp designs, which I aim to keep available for as long as possible, paper collections tend to sell out, and it still pains me to remember missing out on the last remaining Cosmo Cricket Wonderland pack in the LSS!

So, I have a handful of these wee paper pads in the store, they will only be available for as long as I have them in stock - once they sell out, I can't guarantee replacements and so the back-ordering facility will not be available for these items. This is very much a little trial.

Since we ship everything in envelopes, you might like to bear in mind that one of these little pads is roughly equivalent in weight to two of the large stamp sets.

They will retail for £6.75GBP.

Right down at the bottom, there is a Basic Grey Kraft pad, also 6x6 - I look forward to using mine up - I purchased two - one for using and one to look at! lol!!!

I am tickled!


  1. Great Great Great... the first one is hard to find here too in France... Great idea!

  2. i am such a paper hoarder too! i agree on the buy 2 policy... ;)

  3. Oh oh oh!! I am so praying that Mitten Weather is still available on Friday! I've been trying to get my hands on that deck to no avail. I've got some stuff in my cart waiting for purchase during the event on Friday. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can add Mitten Weather to the bunch.

  4. Oh Claire,

    what are you doing to us?? Trying to be very good and use what goodies I have and then you tempt us with the Cosmo must haves! This is such a brilliant idea cos as you said, at our side of the world it is way harder to get our hands on them.

    Only trouble is, I want one of each and like you, would need one to use and one to gaze at! What are we like?

  5. Wowie!!!! Like you I've been on the search for these papers and no luck except exhorbitant shipping from England.....thanks..just ordered! Mitten Weather in good time for next christmas!!


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