Monday, 20 September 2010


Well after a quiet day in the middle of last week I thought I'd be in for a nice lazy weekend!!! How wrong I was. There was a veritable elbow fight in the store as last week's release got a second wind and I have been shipping pretty much non-stop since!!!

Shipping notices are wayyyy late even the US gals might see their stamps before the notices are all out!! I am sorry, I do prefer to send out the notices as soon as I ship but at release time I make the shipping the number 1 priority!!!

I'm thinking that I might get the chance to sit down and send them all tomorrow, but rest assured I'm nearly caught up, I have some orders from today to ship in the morning, everything else is gone!! :)


  1. Busy store days = great sales and happy stampers! It's all good ;)

    And seriously, I'm looking at a shipping notice in one hand and a pack of fan.flippin.tas.tic stamps in the other - I know which I'd rather have first, lol.

  2. congrats on another successful release!

  3. you know - there will be a third wind ;)

  4. I'm stalking the mailbox.......I think the Postie might have the wrong idea!!!!!!!
    My new sets are obviously enjoying their round the world trip while I have the house in order, all the laundry done and the garden tidy ready to play! x

  5. Claire - I got my stamps today in HAWAII!!! Now that's some seriously AWESOME customer service! So excited and can't wait to stamp this week!! :-)

  6. I received my "monthly dose" of Waltzingmouse stamps yesterday. I can imagine that other people are addicted as well. You deserve all the success that you are having!!!!

  7. Order stamps on Sunday-Release Day;
    receive said stamps the following Friday! AND I'm in the USA.
    Claire, there is no need to make apologies for this terrific service, just accept the hearty "Congrats" for a wonderful and exciting selection of stamps for the September Release!

    'Nuf said.


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