Sunday, 12 September 2010

...Nearly there now...

LOL! I'm just getting the store finished up for today's release at 7pm my time! Can't wait.

Here's the schedule:

6.00pm today approx - I will announce the winner of the 3 free stamp sets randomly drawn from the comments on this post. And because I have had such a tremendous response to the sets this week I have decided to award TWO prizes!!! Two folks will each receive 3 new sets each!! woohooo!

6.45pm today - the store will close for 30 mins to allow me to make some final adjustments.

7.00pm today - I will post the artwork for the 5 new sets here on the blog and send you all off on our DT blog waltz!! OOOh I am so excited the DT has just about confounded me with their samples this week, there has been an incredible amount of inspiration! thank you ladies!

7.15pm today - the store will re-open complete with the new sets installed.

Quick note
I just wanted to tell folks that I have had a lot of very positive comments on yesterdays post, Thank you for that I very much appreciate it! It's going to happen. Stamp companies can't help but produce similar themes, we're all feeding off the popular trends, there is no point in ignoring the fact that folks like to be able to purchase tree stamps for example! I haven't seen one single stamp company who does not have a tree stamp!

It also threw up a question about one of today's sets, It was pointed out to me late last night that my wee pic-nic basket in today's Bountiful Basket Additions set looks a lot like somebody else's basket...LOL, so of course, because I stand over my aims to produce unique and individual stamps I will be examining the set in detail after I get today's release organised. If I find that I have inadvertently designed a stamp that is too close to another person's design I will take the opportunity to redesign the said basket when the set is due for restocking. So, you might find yourself with a limited addition WMS set if you were heading for the Bountiful Baskets additions today!

Back soon!

Quick!!! you still have about an hour to enter the draw, leave a comment on this post.


  1. I like your basket better. It looks more realistic to me. Can't wait to see the full set!

  2. Well, I've been popping my head around the door all day to see the new release and now I know when I can come back, mug of tea in hand and browse at my hearts content !

    As you say, its inevitable that stamp companies will come up with the same ideas and coinsidences happen with all aspects of design - as they say, all great minds think alike and Clare, you have a great and creative mind !

    Looking forward to the grand opening and crossing everything that I'm a lucky winner !


    Jo xxx

  3. Claire, I hope you don't feel you have to start over-analyzing all of your previous sets. A traditional picnic basket is a pretty recognizable style--many different companies have come out with similar designs, each with their own personalized touch.

  4. Wow you have been working hard. Congrats on your new store and i shall pop back and see later
    hugs June xxxx

  5. I have to go to a family picnic at my husband's sportsman's club at exactly 2:00 PM EST...the NERVE of him! I tried to say that I would be there around 2:30 and he TOTALLY busted me!!!!! I am still placing an order as soon as I get home, backorder or not, heeee! Can't wait to go on the waltz later, toooo!

  6. Congrats on your new store . I can't wait to see the new sets . How nice it is to keep finding something so new and different.
    Only question is which ones to buy i want them all.

  7. Not sure if I left a comment in a different post but I don't want to be left out of a chance to win such splendid stamp sets! Thanks for the post about products and designs being released in relation to other companies. I think it is inevitable with the way trends are managed these days that there will be overlap. I say the more the merrier...good luck with today's release, I will be anxiously waiting here in the east coast of the US!

  8. I love this release. I agree with what others have written, do not overthink your designs..and do not feel that you have to defend your work. I feel your style is very unique.

  9. Oh not long to go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Claire, I say phooey to that. Whatever... I'm sick and tired of the innuendo from whoever and wherever about stamp images. It would be different if it was calculated or intentional but I believe in most cases its not. The bottom line is that most people want to buy images from a company that they are loyal too whether that image be similar to someone else's. In all honesty lets go back to the cave drawings and essentially someone stole from that!!!

  11. love all your new sets just ordered two of them

  12. love all the new september releases


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