Monday, 10 May 2010


ED - OH NO!! I forgot to write two personal messages!! So sorry ladies!!!!!

It's a very poor day if you learn nothing. I've had a few days this week that were fairly repetitive and so I learned the same thing, over and over again this week.

I learned that the address label is only 'good' if I've rubbed it into place no less than 3 times. I've learned that the stamp sets must be packed in the order they appear on the order sheet...or I want to go back and do it again, I learned that i don't have time to do it again because the plane is leaving now and may not be leaving again tomorrow, so I pack them in order.

I learned that I like the sentiment stamps to be the 'right way up' in relation to the front of the package. I like the red corner on the packaging to be far away from the sticky tab. I like all the sets to be the 'same way up' in the envelope.

I learned that the one order I forgot to write a personal message on, is driving me nuts inside my head...

I've learned that I have to have the WMS label the same way up as the customs label...although I only learned this late in the day after DH had stuck most of them on at random. In the interest of not delaying the shipping I didn't make him take them off and do it again...this time.

I learned that I like Jiffy Bag envelopes. I learned that I only like Jiffy Bag envelopes. I learned that I have an unfounded compulsion to tape every other sort of envelope to within an inch of it's life.

I learned that stickers with wee dancing mice on them are irresistable to three year olds.

I learned that butterkist popcorn is nice with hot chocolate until you reach the 11th mug and bottom of the bucket...

I learned also that maybe I have a little

what did you learn about yourself recently?


  1. Heheheee This post really made me giggle.
    I can be the same way....cabinet doors need to be shut! LOL

  2. I learned (sorry to lower the tone) that if I put my knickers on inside out that I can't right them because superstition sets in.

  3. I learned that in order to keep my sanity I need a constant supply of tea and chocolate.

  4. Claire, your post made me giggle ;) I have a lot of things that I do "compulsively" too, such as the dishes have to be taken out of the dishwasher in a certain order, the wash has to be folded just the right way, and I must ALWAYS floss and brush my teeth at night no matter how late it is or how tired I am. So you are not alone :)

  5. Too funny, Claire! I think a little OCD is what sets apart quality workmanship and stellar customer service from that which is suspect. It's a good thing! This week I have learned that I am more patient than I imagined, that I have no control over the volcano between me and thee, and that I have been a neglectful stamp owner who has stamps in my stamp room that I have NEVER INKED that need a little love. So while I am waiting (patiently) for the Royal Mail, I am making an effort to use some of Those Other Stamps to keep me busy!

  6. You make me smile, Claire.

  7. Love this post! I read it aloud to DH and we both smiled. :) I like that you use that particular envelope. I know when my WMS stamps are here when I see it in my mailbox. Hope you've had a chance to recover from all the packing and shipping. It will be fun to see everyone's creations from this release.

  8. hope you are recovering from your epic packing efforts and a little ocd is good a lot is bad, I recently learned I can't do without crafting something everyday, I had my grandson for three days and as soon as he went to bed I had to go and do something crafty, I didn't realise I was so addicted until now.

  9. Oh Claire you must be exhausted! And you'll have to do it all again next month!!!!!! Wish we could help you out somehow. I've learned that I just can't give a gift that isn't at least partly handmade - even to trendy kids who don't really appreciate it!

  10. I think we all have a little OCD in us! I am learning how to use Excel and spreadhseets and I am also learning that as my hubbie is my teacher that we would not work well together! Better he has his job and I have mine!!

    Hope this week is more relaxing for you!
    Hugs Judy x

  11. Claire, we've all got a little OCD. At least yours works for you in a positive way and you can let go of it if necessary!

    On the other hand,I've learned over the past few years that if anyone tries to help me in the house I can be perfectly rude and objectionable. Oddly this is at the times that I most need help, but am too proud to either ask for it or accept it...

  12. Gosh, Claire, the last few days must have seemed like Groundhog Day to you....LOL!!!
    Angela xxx
    p.s. Jak, I'm with you on the knickers thing LOL!

  13. I learned that Claire works way too hard, worries too much, and has earned every drop of success that comes her way a thousand times over!!!

    :) As much as I LOVE your stamps, I think you should take a month off sometime... seriously :) !!!!

  14. I love your post, because I could have written it myself! Everything you said about things being in the right order, and right side up just makes sense to me.

    But then, I am so OCD that my 21 month old is taking after her mother and has a fit if she doesn't get the proper chance to clean up her toys before bed, and the shoes at the door aren't perfectly lined up with one another.

    So I am not one to talk.

    Your attention to detail is what makes your cards and creations so beautiful... embrace your crazy, it makes you more fun than normal people :)

  15. I LOVE your post! As others have said, it is that attention to detail that sets you apart! :) I'm the same way - everything has to be just so and I've been so frustrated lately that my craft supplies have been all over the place. Can't wait for my Jiffy envelope to arrive!!

  16. Oh I have learned (almost)that I mustn't reach over my pens to get something beyond them as I have over and over again got 'injected' with my pointed nibs...and boy does it hurt.and usually bleeds and then I have to put on a band aid which restricts movement..and yes, I like things to be how I want them (well, cards 'out of the box' are a different story).....I have a friend who almost hyperventilates if she goes to the Post Office and the clerk sticks the stamp on her envelope if I send her a card it HAS to be straight!
    I have also learned that I must replace clear stamps in their case immediately...don't leave them down as I used to because I'll need it it has to be replaced where it belongs or I spend ages sifting through the waste bin looking for it....only to find it in the wrong case eventually....I could go on and on. Take yourself off to Balmoral (Agricultural Show) on Wednesday to get your head cleared...stroke the bunnies, fondle the sheep, drink endless cups of tea at various 'businesses', buy some useless article which works miracles to clean something at home and when you get home find it doesn't....etc etc....Take a wee rest, please....we beg you to rest.

  17. You are so funny!!!! I have just received your stamps and I checked that the stamps were packed in the right order, that I got the hand-written message and that the label with the mouse was places correctly!!!!!
    Thank you very much for your hard work, your designs and service are top class!!!! Now, I need to go and ink up my newly arrived stamps :)

  18. Haha, I learned that you and I are even more alike than I thought!! Love ya, Claire!!

  19. you are just too funny...thanks for sharing


  20. Laughed when I read this. Take care.

  21. I think OCD has saved my marriage!
    I learned that my OCD makes me stack the dishwasher perfectly every time. That all items have their place in there. When DH loads up, I must redo..I just say OCD and he smiles and every one is happy! And he still loads it up the next time, usually guys stop doing stuff when it's not done the way WE like it!
    Yea, I like things put back where they were found, too! i learned that if I don't put it back....I can't find it!
    I agree with some of the others...take a vacay! DH and the kids will love it!!..LOL

  22. Your post cracked me up! For a moment there, I wondered if it wasn't a post I had written - I can soo relate. In fact, I noticed awhile ago that my stamps were packed as written on the order sheet! That's just common sense to me, as are all the other things :)
    I can't go to bed with dishes in the sink for some odd reason. Not sure why, cos I could before I had a dishwasher-lol! I have to clean up my craft area when I'm done. Have to cos it's my deep freezer. Don't laugh - it's the perfect size and height! Also find I feel cranky if I'm unable to create something everyday. Funny thing is, after a couple of non crafty days I don't always pick up where I left off. Rather, I may start something-even a craft-completely different. Good for learning, bad for the unfinished stuff-lol.
    Don't change a thing, Claire. It's why we luv ya!

  23. Aren't you a funny one, Claire! But I'm right there with you! I have to organize the spoons, forks and knives neatly in my kitchen drawere... I must fold T-shirts with the front side up (and have to undo those that my hubby folds in half (face-in))...I must tidy up my craft area when I'm done...I must put all paper in the recycling bin (drives me crazy when DH throws paper in the trash can)... Am I OCD enough ? :-)

  24. I too had to smile whilst reading your post!
    I can't settle to craft of any kind if I know the kitchen floor needs washing! I have to put things away after making a card so I can start fresh (how strange is that!!). When my DH helps by pegging out the washing......I have to wait until he's not looking and go peg it the RIGHT way!!......... It's a curse!!!

  25. I learned that I was very much like you in the OCD department until I reached a certain birthday. Then I was able to let it go because time goes by too fast to fret over all that stuff. I got my order today and am happy as could be except there was no personal message on the invoice. Could I be the one that's driving you nuts?

  26. Hi, Claire. I received my big wonderful WMS order in the mail's the one you forgot to write a personal message on.. the one that's driving you nuts :-(... but don't fret.. I love the stamps!


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