Thursday, 20 May 2010


I have posted the blog waltz winners over at the forum...LOL, quick, go see!

The blog waltz was absolutely superb, if you didn't manage to see it, the links can be found here ( you'll need to be a forum member to see but it's painless! lol) , there were so many spectacular entries I may just go round again (for the 4th time).

Now I want to give you folks the heads up on June. You know how I love to release new stamps every month, well May was such a huge event that I literally had to push back the June stamps so's my manufacturer could get extra May sets out, sooo...My June release stamps will now be held over 'till the July release.

July release will be....large...LOL

Having said that, there will still be plenty of 'NEW' stuff to see in June, we at WMS are working on something special that I hope you will all find fun!!

So do stay tuned to WMS as our June "Event' will be well worth watching!!! LOL


  1. Congrats on such a successful month! I love my new stamps! :)

  2. Well that just gives us more time to save up for WMS sets! *grin*

  3. Having a large July event.... AWESOME.... just in time for my b'day hehehe! Looking forward to seeing what your June "event" brings too!!!
    Many hugs
    Angela xxx.

  4. Oh good! A chance to "catch up" on sets on my wish list. I know we'll be getting lots of inspiration in June too Claire so already looking forward to the end of the month..... nearly half way through the year already! Where does the time go ;o)


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