Saturday, 6 February 2010

...Thank you

Just wanted to pop on here and thank everyone who visited during the release (scroll down to see the new sets) The blog hop was fantastic, I think everyone really enjoyed that and the ladies really did make some superb samples!!! Pat on the back those ladies!!

There's still time to enter the competition, scroll down to the previous post for that!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, DH and I are up to our waists in brown envelopes and packing slips, We worked untill the wee small hours and everyone who ordered before 3am this morning, your orders have now shipped. Anyone who ordered after 3am this morning (my time) your orders will ship first thing Monday!!

As usual shipping notices will be sent out after all the orders have gone so there is the chance that UK folk especially will see their orders before their shipping notices!! lol.

Thank you all for your support and I have to say, I am looking forward to a very interesting year for WMS...more deets soon!!

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  1. WOW... my order has been shipped ALREADY... yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Conjures up a great image though, you and DH wading thigh high through mountains of polymer, brown paper and order slips in your family room... BUT we really DO appreciate all the effort you make to get stuff out at the soonest moment so THANK YOU.
    LOVED the blog hop!
    AND so looking forward to your store plans for this year.
    Happy Sunday.
    Angela xxx.


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