Friday, 19 February 2010 it Monday yet??? and Back in Stock

LOL! I am very excited about the blog hop on Monday (this Monday 22nd) I cannot wait to see what folks have made!! I can't wait to see what I make, I haven't done it yet!! lol, I'm gonna try to make something tonight.

If you're wondering what I'm blabbering on about scroll down to the previous post, sign up so's we know who'll be taking part and then call back to do the hop and see what everyone has made!!

We're hoping everyone will use WMS stamps or templates for our first customer blog-hop, and it's perfectly fine to use the template if you don't have any WMS stamps!!! (Stephanie - I'm looking into your second suggestion for the next blog-hop, I won't have time for this one!! wink!)

Back in Stock

Vintage labels 5
and Say it with Style are now back in stock at the store.

Right, gotta go make something Springy...


  1. I'm very very excited too!!! Thanks Claire! Gonna set TWO alarms to be sure I'm there in plenty of time. In the meantime, I have bits of the spring creation in my craft room (OK), dining room (not OK) and main room (very not OK!!!). It is nearly ready... YAY!!!
    Gotta share... you know that the cricut mats come with a flimsy perspex transparent cover? Well, hubby came in from golf, went skidding across the floor on one like he was surfing or something. It was funny but I dare not laugh... well.... All I could say was... cuppa tea, honey?!!!
    Angela xxx.

  2. Waaa! My stamps haven't arrived or I would join you! Maybe in tomorrow's mail!


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