Saturday, 30 January 2010

...nearly there now

This is the last peek before we get started on samples!! Tomorrow should finally see some cards on this ole blog, believe me, I am not happy about the lack of stuff I've been posting lately but there has been such a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on that life has literally been a whirlwind!

I'm not complaining tho', it's all good stuff that needs done and hopefully once it's done it'll just be a matter of maintenance!! (she

Anyhow, today's peek is a little look at the 4th set, it's also a circles set. Since I started WMS I have been receiving stamp design requests, this delights me. I am, essentially, a selfish soul and it is way too easy for me to concentrate on designing the stamps that I want and forget that folks might just have other requirements, my solution to this? Do both.

I will always produce those stamps that I have been looking for and not yet found, I will design at least a few of my sets on pure whim, do not be surprised to find me releasing Christmas stamps in Springtime, but I will always greedily listen to any suggestions that folks may have, I am nosey, I love to hear what you think, what you need. I find it incredibly fascinating that a word from someone can spark a whole stamp set in my mind, as it was with Joan and the Little Box Labels set or Bonnie and the knitted texture in Faux Fun!! I delight in the inspiration that only you can provide.

And so this month I have not one but TWO circle stamp sets!! I have had many, many requests for circles and I felt it was only fair that I make them easy to cut out - that's why they combine beautifully with the Spellbinders circles and some of the most commonly used punches!

So, pop by tomorrow for some long overdue eye candy and inspiration!!!


  1. I like circles and I love ones that I can punch out with nesties or a punch! Can't wait to see what you've come up with Claire.

  2. I'll be back tomorrow for the eye candy!! :0) I'm having SOOOOOOOOO much fun with the knitting from "faux fun" at the moment - THANK YOU for bringing it out Claire :0) Your new preview looks really intriguing!!!!

  3. Claire, all the peeks have been so exciting! I love that you decided to do circles. They work for so many designs and I already have 2 of the circle nesties so that's a plus! But whatever you do is always wonderful! Anxiously looking forward to tomorrow's sample!!

  4. Ooooh, I'm liking the sounds of this set. My first order (was waiting until I had a few sets I wanted to buy because of shipping overseas) may well be coming up!

  5. Can't wait to see your cards using your new sets Claire! I'm also anxious to see the DT's work coming up this week (including mine!! LOL!)

  6. I am soo excited to see these next few sets! It was blistery cold out yesterday (something like -24C plus wind chill and it was windy!) and today is almost as bad. Right now I am in dire need of some lovely springtime -and springlike!-inspiration. I know I am in the right place here :-D
    Can't wait to see what the DT has in store for us, too!

  7. I am excited too!It looks all so awesome that I know I want them all!Well, the shipping cost to Canada might be a concern.....???
    But you are the best and I love what I own so far.

  8. Aw Shucks......these guys are soooooo cute!! Adorable and I love the way you add layers to make your image!!

  9. What a great resource!


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