Sunday, 3 January 2010

..happy birthday to my little dude!

He turned 3 today, the magic age, I love 3! We took him to the cinema, he loves the 'big' TV lol! he saw Planet 51. I wasn't blown away but he loved it, 'course he's gonna be an astronaut today. Tomorrow i expect he'll be a fireman again. We had cake, then prezzies and his big sis spent all evening building up his playmobil aeroplane. The girls are just absolute sweethears with him, they have him ruined! lol.

Talking of sweethearts, I got a Valentines set coming out! You might have seen some peeks over at Jennifer's, Anya's, Belinda's, and Bonnie's. Can i just let you folks in on a little something, I pulled the release of this set forward and I told the ladies not to worry about samples as I knew it would be too short notice for them, and all week they have been putting out beautiful cards, they know that I'm a little pushed at the moment and so they've been stepping in to help me out. I'm so very grateful to them all, they are wonderful ladies and they have little idea how much they mean to my wee company and me.

So I've nearly finished my samples now and I'll pop some up tomorrow! I'm being a little sneaky about this January release, but you'll see tomorrow! LOL!


  1. Happy birthday to the little guy! how fun to be 3! sounds like you all had a glorious celebration of the big event! Can't wait to see your samples Claire!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little guy Claire! Sounds like he had a perfect birthday :)

    Looking forward to seeing what is up your sleeve with this latest release!

  3. Oh the best part is how nice his sisters are being. Wonderful! Happy Birthday dude!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your little fella, Claire. Sounds like you've had some fun with the family amidst the busy times.

    Can't wait to take a peek at your creations tomorrow.
    Happy New Year right back at ya too. :)

    Blessings, Michey xxx

  5. ...and a very happy birthday to that BIGGEST boy (astronaut, fireman, cowboy, superman, spiderman, etc.) My little girl wants to be a "kitty" when she grows up. Sigh.

  6. Happy Birthday "Little Dude"! LOL I love that you called him that! I hope his day was special, and from the sound of it, it certainly was! Happy New Year my friend! Best, Curt

  7. Three is so much fun!!! I loved it when my little guy was three. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see this set and your projects Claire! The DT has done a fantastic job giving us peeks!! Thanks ladies!!

  8. Age 3... I miss those years. I miss being as young as I was when my babes were 3. Ha!

    Okay, the holidays are over and now I'm ready to get back in the saddle after spending the last several days goofing around! I shall be creating with my WMS stamp set this week... and ready to strategize with you anytime you're ready!

    I'm loving all your samples, and can't wait to get my hands on Faux Fun! Next month, we should have a blog hop!



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