Tuesday, 12 January 2010

...Got your thinking hats on?

All of the orders waiting for Faux Fun have shipped. It might take a wee while to get through the shipping notices, but rest assured if you ordered Faux Fun, your order is on it's way!

MMmmmmm.... feels like time for a competition!!! lol

I'm having a stack of fun with one of next months new stamp releases!!! lol, I want you all to guess what it might be, there will be a couple of sets releasing and one in particular is just so...well, I can't say if i want you to guess.

Right up front I'm telling you there's no point in guessing if it's a Spellbinders related set, cos there will be a Spellbinders related set!!! Nope, I want you to guess about another set!

The first person to hit the nail on the head and state specifically what the set is all about wins a copy of the set!! No point being vague and saying, "It's a Christmas set" or "it's a Valentines set" I want the inner workings of your mind folks!!! gimme details! LOL!!!

OOOhh and ONE comment each please!!!! Just to make it easy to time the things, I don't care if you have 3 guesses in one comment, so long as you only post one comment, you're in!!!

Can't wait to hear!!!!


  1. I'm going with vintage Easter - eggs, rabbits, the whole bit. And, if I'm wrong, can you put it on you "thingst to think about" list? You make vintage like nobody's business! :)

  2. Wow Claire - this is TOUGH, I'm not great at reading minds!!!.... How about a set for St. Patrick's Day that includes Leprechauns and Fairies? And guess 2 - how about a spring set that includes babies - baby animals, baby people, baby birds etc?? Looking forward to finding out! (I was allowed 2 guesses right!?!) :0)

  3. Ooh FIRST!!! hmmmm - but first NEVER wins... I'm guessing some spring florally theme. Snowdrops, perhaps?
    Or another border set like the plaidy one - WAY cute !!!
    Or a textile based one - linen texture, stitched something?
    Mybe all three! A border of cross-stitched snowdrops !!! Hmmmmm... yup, getting carried away now !! Thanks for the opportunity !

  4. For me It's an Easter set!
    My compliments for your job, I like all your sets, they are for me a new discover :)

  5. Well my guesses would be a set filled with funny sayings, or an Easter related set

  6. A St. Patrick's day set that has traditional sayings and quotes and much more than just a leprechaun as the image.

  7. I think it's going to be another sewing box set...only spring/easter related. Wouldn't that be so cute???

  8. I am thinking a fabulous St. Pat's day stampset!! Cool shamrocks and intricate Irish designs??
    Whatever it is I am sure I will love it!! I just love the ideas in your head!! haha Thanks so much for bringing them to us!

  9. What? No hints???? Eeek!

    I'm going with Vintage Easter, little peter cotton tail, gorgeous decorated eggs, pretty baskets...


    A Vintage set featuring playing cards??? You said a "stack of fun" so it's either cards or pancakes... LOL! Unless that's just your lingo across the ocean and in that case I'm a big dork. Lol!

    I'm a horrible guesser... but my fingers are crossed... ;-)

  10. Oh, I'll guess Sewing Box - Easter! That would be so cute. I was just thinking about you as I had just sent an email to my LSS about whether or not they could order Nesties for me... when asked which ones, I said I had to wait until your next release so I'm glad to hear it will include a Nesties-friendly set!

  11. Hey Claire.
    I think it will be a build a rabbit/egg or leprechaun set.

    There will be quaint limericks and great Easter sayings like only WaltzingMouse can do!

    p.s. have you seen the Little Bear episode where the mouses waltz? It's called Clever Cricket. I think of you...


  12. I think the set will have stamps for St Patricks Day, Valentines Day and Easter all in one set???

  13. Is it to do with April Fools maybe? Or Mother's Day?

  14. I'm going to guess it is a set having to do with luck (hopefully the good kind!) Though, I have to say that the person who guessed a pancake set wins the prize for most hilarious! XO

  15. My guess is Easter with rabbits, perhaps Easter Cross, lilies, eggs, baskets, and some beautiful sentiments for the season included. Or may a Spring has Sprung type set with tulips, daffodils, and other signs of Spring, along with spring sentiments. Can't wait!

  16. I'm a sucker for the Sewing Box line of stamps so my guesses would be a Sewing Box Flower set (Easter), Sewing Box Hearts (Valentine) or Sewing Box St. Patrick's Day (with clovers and great sayings). So much fun to guess! I know that whatever it is it will be great!

  17. I'm guessing that it will be an Easter set with stamps for making tags and other parts for Easter treats, Easter baskets, and related goodies. At least one of the tags will be oval/egg shaped for use with Nesties, and there will be stamps to make different decorations on the egg.

  18. I'm going to guess that you gave us a clue by the title of the post and guess that it is a set of hats! Maybe hats of all types and sizes.

  19. My first thought was another Sewing Box set, like Sewing Box-Spring, I think because I love those so much. But since you mentioned stacking, I thought maybe baskets that would stack together. Something to hold flowers, Easter eggs, etc. Or books--would love a set with a reading theme. I think that's my 3 guesses! Already looking forward to the next sneak peeks!

  20. I see a great deficiency in your stamp line of button themed stamps and sayings, which would complement your sewing box line, so that's one guess. Then something celebrating tea and/or coffee would be a second guess. And finally, a sheet about kids, as you are so fond of wee ones, would be my third guess. Whatever it is, it will be wonderful for sure.

  21. I suspect you might have an adorable Leprechaun up your sleeve!!! Perhaps something with a rainbow, a pot of gold and a wee little Leprechaun keeping watch over it!!

  22. OK, so here's my 3 guesses.
    1. I think a boy themed birthday set. You've got one inspired my your daughter so i think it's time for worms and rocket ships.
    2. A baking type set with pics of cupcakes (fairy cakes) and buns
    3. about a fairy set???Woodland creatures, mushrooms and fairy's ??

    OK so those are the 3 guesse off the top of my head....i know I'll love whatever it is !

  23. I go for vintage baby ,Easter cross and spring flowers!Thanks for giving us a chance to win.!!!!

  24. Its Easter eggs and they are awesome, think Faberge eggs... with intricate designs so fun for coloring. Because Claire is one smart cookie they coordinate with some kind of oval (either a punch or spellbinders) Some of those eggs are cracked and a baby chick is peeping out... or is it... it is, its a little fluffy bunny.. and oh look! the sweetest sentiments too!

  25. How about a Pot of Gold!!! lol.
    Then I can buy all the stamps!!lol.
    Bonnie Jean

  26. Cindy Holshouser13 January 2010 at 07:11

    Here are my guesses: A set with a Leprechaun foot print (similar to the Chief Elf print and elf footprints in the November secret set)It will also have smaller Leprechaun foot prints, a pot o' gold and a rainbow, maybe a celtic knot and some 3 leaf clovers. Another guess is a background set with celtic images/knots.

  27. Hi Claire! Is St Patrick's Day just a wee bit too obvious? Forget about Leprechauns, I think St Patrick himself with his crozier and hat and some lovely Gaelic sayings to boot.

    Failing this it has to be Easter chicks, bunnies and eggs alongside fabulous biblical quotes appropriate to the season?

    Whatever it is, it'll be fabulous and I can't wait to see what you release next...

  28. I am sure it is going to be great whatever it is. I am guessing it is an Easter set with chocolates, eggs, decorative pieces for putting around eggs and making Easter baskets. The chocolates can also be used for Valentine's day.
    Thanks for the chance, and look forward to seeing the next release.

  29. I'm hoping for a set of funny (punny) sayings. Whatever it is, I'm sure to love it!

  30. My guess is for a spring themed set...butterflies, and rainbows, and your usual lovely sentiments to compliment the images!

  31. Well I may be way out here but I'm with Krista. Easter is just around the corner and I am a big fan of the sewing box sets so I'm thinkin' (hopin' more like) easter eggs and wicker baskets, maybe even a wicker border or background and cute sayings like 'just hoppin by..' and 'somebunny loves you' and maybe even 'hoppy easter'. Can't you just see eggs with a blanket stitch, maybe patchwork, quilting or even a lazy daisy stitch!

  32. I know these are out there, but I'm guessing 1. pancakes are involved somehow. Not sure if it's breakfast-related or sweets related....OR 2. money-related--bills and coins and sentiments like, "a penny for your thoughts" and "you're worth it!" OR office-themey stuff like papers, paperclips, pencils, stapler, etc. I know none of those are going to be correct, but I'm having fun! Thanks, Elena

  33. I'm guessing a Sewing Box - Spring/Easter set with chicks, eggs, bunnies, baskets, etc. Can't wait to see what it is!

  34. It's so much fun to read these guesses! I'm going to guess a set of eggs with lots of different elements to decorate them with. Maybe some different stripes, dots, bunnies, lace.... Do you think you could make a stamp set with some honey bees and a skep? I'd love a Claire-style set like that!

  35. Let me try to guess:

    Is't a Easter Sewing set with beautiful egg designs where you can add real stitching over stamped image (this way you can create projects not ponly with paper but fabric too). Or maybe cute bunnies that look like vintage toys! Or some gorgeous stitched flowers stamp set!
    Can't wait to see what you designed! :)

  36. I'm guessing a "Build an Easter Egg" set. An egg stamp as the starter point, with different designs and patterns to decorate!

  37. I'm thinking that your set will be a vintage one--not sure exactly what the images would be, but they could be vintage dishes, baking stuff. I'm also thinking it could be a floral set--with spring coming up.

    How about a set for mother's day--seom beautiful images just right for mom?

  38. ... a religious-themed set with corsses, sayings and stuff that can do for Easter, Communion, sympathy...

    2nd guess - fits to punches you often use...

    Angela xxx.

  39. I'm thinking background stamps....faux is like faux leather...faux fur...that is guess one.

    Guess 2...If it is for a holiday- the next one that would give us time for playing around would be maybe it has lots of things that kids would do for Easter (like a big egg with little embellishments that you can pick from to decorate your egg...does that make sense?).

    Guess 3....It might have to do with sentiments and sayings that are fun or funny.

    Thanks for making me think! Can't wait to see what this set is really about:)

  40. I certainly hope that "stacks of fun" was a bit of a clue! Honestly, I thought of stacks of library books. I would love a stamp set with different bookplates! Oh, and maybe one for music as well. I have so many pieces of sheet music, and books I need to label!

  41. Hmm, not much to go on, but I'm going to go with an Easter theme and maybe Easter Bonnetts, this could be really cute. Hand stitched with flower details....

    Suzanne Daniels

  42. Oh I am sooo happy to hear there will be more Spellbinder compatible stamps! My Guess would be a stamp set coordinate with the ever so popular EK Success border punches? Either way - can't wait to see what is coming next! So glad I found your stamp company! :)

  43. Hmmmm...well you've got my brain ticking with the word 'Stack' which could be completely the wrong thing to focus on but here's my random guess:
    I can relate the word to Irish Stack Family so I'm thinking Coat of Arms? Maybe you get to create your own with sentiments/adjectives rather than a family name? Or design your own Easter Egg with different patterns?!
    Completely off the mark probably but thanks for keeping my brain ticking!

  44. Knowing how you love Christmas I'm going to take a guess at an 'Occasion' related Set and say that its an Easter set, all ready for embellishing sweet treats and spring themed cards.

  45. I have to guess that the set is Irish themed. 'Wee" leprachauns, top hat, or a set of hats, spring bonnets, wide brimmed fancy lady hats.

  46. I am guessing another
    1.) Vintage set - GAMES! Game boards, game spinners, cards, dice, etc.
    2.) Vintage Movie elements - great old time movie quotes, film frames to put our own pictures in, one of those clapper things they use to mark a new scene, etc.
    3.) Sewing box Easter, like a bunch of others have listed.
    4.) A background building set similar to PTI Guidelines, but with a vintage Waltzingmouse twist! I am hooked on Guidelines and would love a set with lots of elements to use with grids!
    5.) More background building sets, like Offbeat backgrounds

  47. Wow, there are so many great guesses already...

    1. A tree set, with leaves of different types, birds, perhaps swing etc that can be added to the trees.

    2. Children's toys, stacking boxes, other things like that to go with baby/ young kid cards.

    I am out, I am just not as creative with ideas as some of the others!

  48. Now I haven't got a clue and will be wrong but I'll have a go.
    1) scrolls/flourishes
    2) spring flowers
    3) Easter eggs with different patterns.
    4) Baby set
    5) Maybe a happy Birthday set with balloons and presents
    Good Luck everyone!!

  49. I loved reading all these guesses! I'm liking the fairy theme -a lot!-
    and am leaning towards fairies, flowers and eggs. Mind you, you can't have 'stacks of fun' with eggs! All I could think of was Legos - building blocks-lol! Maybe April Fool's with Jokers & cards? Or even amusement park rides-the big ferris wheel and carousels?
    I'm really in the dark here- lol!!
    One thing is certain - it will be loved :)

  50. I am guessing either a Valentines set with fancy flourishes or Easter set :)!

    Inky Hugs,

  51. Hi from Canada,
    I'm guessing it'll be something for St. Patrick's day or maybe including something for Easter. I love your stamps. Have a great day! :-)

  52. I purposely didn't read any comments before mine, so sorry if I have similar ideas...

    I'm guessing a Waltzing Mouse set with the wonderful mouse in your logo. In time for Easter, you might cook up a basket set with eggs, bunnies, tulips, and other holiday fillings for the baskets. Or perhaps you're thinking of a manly man set with more textured backgrounds and images to suit our rigid boys.

    Whatever it is, we love it!!

  53. I hope it's something to do with little green men dancing a jig and the second set the 'mouse' dressed up as the easter bunny!


  54. I wrote my guesses down before I clicked on comments so that every one's comments would not alter my thinking or give me ideas that were not my own. Valentine's is too close so left that one out. St patrick's day is right up my alley-a leprechaun, a pot o'gold, a rainbow, a shamrock border, mug o beer for a masculine card. Green beer for us yanks, even though I'm from Florida.
    Easter set to include a bunny, an assortment of egg sizes and insides that would be interchangeable, like stripes, and zigzags, etc., of course, a border that resembles grass to hide our eggs. or maybe a basket that can carry an insert of flowers, eggs, a chocolate bunny. o,o,o a flower border stamp. O gosh I could go on, but i will stop here and cross my fingers!! PRAY, that I win.
    it's probably more clever than anything that i could imagine.
    good luck to all of you.

  55. I think it's a manly set with construction tools. Hammers and tool boxes. Maybe happy birthday Dad. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  56. Here are my guesses.

    A cupid set.

    A seasonal set that gives a little bit for all holidays.

    A vintage spring set with some flowers, trees, and birdies. Is vintage spring even possible? Hee!

    It is time for a Waltzing Mouse set! Sort of a cutesy bride set or lovely dovey set. Actual mouse with tuxedo and a female mouse in gown. Sounds cute to me!

    I am thinking Irish or Celtic set featuring all things Irish. Claddagh, Celtic Cross...etc.

    A NEW background set, too! I know...this one is a little vague.

    That is all I can think of for now. Hee!



  57. "Hit the nail on the head"...hmm, I'm going to go WAAAAY out on a limb here and guess that it's a manly set. Either for birthdays or father's day with things like tools and cars. Maybe even monsters and robots. No, that's too far. I'm going with tools and cars and fun sentiments.
    Either that or pancakes and waffles and other sunday morning breakfast goodies! My, must be time for breakfast! :)
    Oh, one more guess. Does it have anything to do with computers and email? With super cute quotes like "I had a life once… now I have a computer and a modem" and "I mouse you" ha ha ha! Ok, must be time for breakfast AND sleep!
    Hoping I'm either right or making you laugh!
    Lots of love - Stephanie

  58. Mice! All kinds of meeses, in all kinds of mischief, wee moosies dancing with the "wee folk", or raising a pint or two even.
    Yeah, mice would be nice!

  59. Leprechans would be sweet. Is there a waltzing mouse stamp? If you have a new stitching set I will love it I'm sure. I watch the mail every day for the delivery on the sets I've are so clever Claire..we will love whatever it is!

  60. I am thinking,
    Seeds and seed packets
    stitched flowers, bunnies, bulbs
    stitched 4 leaf clover
    wedding set + hang the rosary out on the line on a rainy wedding day? (my friend's mom did this 30 years ago on her wedding day, they are Irish but we were living in Canada)
    please make a quilt set :)

  61. St. Patrick's Day? April Fool's Day? Babies? Easter chicks n eggs? Punny Father's Day? Mother's Day? Whatever it is, I can't wait!?

  62. Hmmmmm.....I've thought and I've thought and I just can't come up with anything creative....which is why I leave the stamp set creating to you, lovely Claire, and I simple stamp and colour away!! :)

    I'm gonna guess it will be something along the sewing box line for the Mother's day.....and maybe a more masculine set for Father's day....I think your "spesh parent's days" are a lot closer together than ours...Mother's day is in May and Father's day is in September for us Aussies.

    Otherwise, I'm going to guess it will be a lovely Easter set with lots of lovely sentiments and gorgeous little bunnies and eggs. :)

    Good luck to all and can't wait to find out who wins and what the sets are.

  63. I'm thinking an Easter set with crosses (to match the new Nesties), lilies, saying a beautiful daybreak scene, etc. Or just a religious them with crosses, doves, shells and such for communions & baptisms. Or maybe some some elements for a bridal set like bouquets, lace, pearls etc.

    What fun!


  64. I'm think about an easter set too. With rabbits, ducky ducky, eggs and more and more....

    Have a good day


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