Tuesday, 1 December 2009

...oh all right then!

The light here is dreadful and I so dislike putting bad photos of things on my blog but I got a release waiting to happen and I need to post this and get it 'out of the way!' LOL. So with huge apologies for the awful pics here's a fun wee way to wrap some sweets or maybe some small odd shaped item. Or even just make some as tree decorations!

I made a snowball. LOL - I love making these, they're so easy!! There's a few directions at the bottom if you scroll down! I make absolutely no apologies for the fact that it is completely overdone, a 'right-confection' as my DH might say! lol! It is Christmas!

I used Seasons of Love - Tags and the Vintage Christmas sets on this, but you could easily use just one set - I just wanted an excuse to use both of the snowflakes together!

I made my tag with the star stamp, and stamped the snowflakes on the snowball in matching inks (Ocean Tides and Raw sienna - both Palette inks) Then I tied a bow with some Ocean tides ribbon layered on top of an old Joannes' bridal ribbon I purchased through a ribbon overstock site.

I stamped the back of my Star tag in Antique Linen and used the journal lines from the Seasons of love Tag set to fill in the circle so's I can write a wee message! I love how the wee journalling lines fit the space exactly with no need to mask!

Below you can see the snowball opened, I put sweetie snowballs in mine but on reflection it might be best to use individually wrapped sweets - I'm not sure these are food safe, which doesn't matter at all as we've none left now!!

I started with one of these - a plastic ball that comes in two halves - make sure you get the ones with the wee thingumy attached for stringing a hanger onto! That's where you'll tie on your bow and add a hanging loop - no reason these can't go on the tree! I imagine these are available all over the place! Got mine at a craft shop.

Paint it all over with PVA glue - modgepodge in the USA? I didn't water mine down. See? even 2 year old baby folk can do it!

Once you have a nice thick coat of glue on, cover the lot with bits of ripped, white, tissue paper. it doesn't need to be too tidy, just make sure it's not covering the parts of the hemispheres that clip together. Paste a little more glue on top. I like the fact that the tissue paper is thin in places, you can nearly see inside but not quite!!

Stamp some snowflakes on extra tissue paper and tear out roughly.

Dot them over the hemisperes and paint on more glue - I don't think you can have too much! lol!

Leave them to dry and then add tags, ribbons and fill with your choice of sweeties/gift! couldn't be simpler!!

Hope it tickles!


  1. Claire, I think I would like to live at your house. You always seem to be getting up to something fun! Got my Waltzingmouse stamps and am busy getting acquainted with them. They are beautiful quality. Am very happy and waiting patiently for the new release details before I order more!

  2. Hi Claire,

    Sorry not to have commented for a while (crazy at ours). Again your style and inpiration is the stuff of legend as are your 3D projects and gift ideas - beautiful work :D

    Hope you are well,


    Emma x

  3. Very very cool!! (no pun intended lol!)

  4. So cute! These make wonderful gifts and they look like fun to make, too!

  5. Claire, you are too clever! I want to try to make one (or two) of these. What a great way to wrap a small gift. I wonder if a gift card would fit inside. Hmmm....

  6. Cute, cute, cute, Claire!!! Bet your wee ones love to play with Mom's goodies! I'm going to finally own an original Waltzingmouse stamp set - I WON one of the Gingerbread sets you donated to Jak for her Meningitis Vaccine cause. That was sooooo nice of you, Claire, and I'm so thrilled to have won!!!

  7. Oooh aren't these brilliant - I love the lumpy surface. I'll have to go out looking for these baubles first thing tomorrow! You're so clever Claire!

  8. You are too clever! I have one of these plastic ornament thingies on my tree right now. I received it a couple years ago with treats inside and now each year I use it to store a delicate ornament inside. My son is the one that insists that it needs to be hung on the tree. ;)
    I think tomorrow maybe we'll get out the PVA or Modpodge and see about decorating it so it is more presentable.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Oh wow Claire! What a fun way to package something! I'll be on the hunt for those clear balls now! Your project turned out beautiful! No need to worry about the photo! Can't wait to see what you have for this release.

  10. Dang it Claire! Now I have to go to Michaels and search for those little balls! Gorgeous and so clever! You are a smart cookie!

  11. What a charming project. Looks like your little ones had fun creating too! So anxious to see what the next release will bring. I haven't even inked all of the stamps in my last order but I love the wonderful quality.

  12. I love this idea! Great for last minute gifts and they can be "hidden" in the christmas tree for safe keeping. LOL

  13. Oh that is just gorgeous!! I gotta get me some of those, the kids would LOVE them!! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  14. How fun Claire! I love these snow balls!!! and your tag looks lovely hanging on it - I especially like the lines on back for your name or little message! Thanks for sharing all the deets!! (and what sweet pudgy little hands helping with your project!!)

  15. Fantastic! So glad you shared with us! Love every bit of them!

  16. Hi Claire - thank you so much for sharing this beautiful snowball tutorial - the finished effect is stunning.
    I also wanted to say a huge thank you for sending my stamp set so quickly (the Nesties Labels 4 stamps)- I am so pleased with them and I know I will thoroughly enjoy using them. They are such a brilliant idea too.
    Love, Sylvia xxx


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