Thursday, 12 November 2009

...3 is the magic number...

...if you want to attract many, many colds and viruses and keep them as long as possible! lol, my 3 little folk have had an awful week and I'm feeling a little rough around the edges too!

This week has been hectic, thank you! I'm pretty much up to date with orders and I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to be able to re-stock all of the sold-out sets by Monday.

I have not had time to do the price change in store as I talked about last week, lol, but it will be done this weekend...

I intend to do a wee blog hop next week and pop around the blogs that people left links for in the last two posts, scroll down, to see. I might not be able to comment, but I will be picking a random blog for a prize stamp set of your choice.

All you have to do is grab the blinkie, pop it on your blog and leave me a link of where to find it, I'll add it to my list!! Full deets below!

looking forward to that as it has been ages since I was 'out and about' seeing what all you folks are up to!!

so, what's new with you?


  1. That flu bug is really making its rounds... seems like everyone has been sick. It's been around our home, but gone now and I hope for good.

    What's new with me? Well, I'm impatiently waiting for my new Waltzingmouse Stamps to arrive! Should be very soon! LOL

    Take care, Claire. I hope you and yours are back to fighting strength again soon.


  2. sorry to hear your little ones and yourself have been under the weather. no fun definitely. hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. So many people I know are sick! It gives you the feeling of standing on a train track and not being able to jump out the path of the oncoming train!! Hope you stay healthy!

  4. Oh, boy, but 3 little sickies is tough! It's no wonder you feel under the weather but here's hoping your hubby is doing well! Here in Canada (well, Montreal anyway) we are knee deep in the
    H1N1 vaccine fiasco. My turn today but all has gone well- luckily. I haven't had a cold in ages but am keeping everything crossable shaped like a pretzel just in case.
    It's easier said than done, but do keep a perspective in these flu times and try not to over-do it, Claire. At least not more than usual- lol.

  5. Claire, I added your blinkie! lol, you are so clever to give us directions to put it in blogger!!!

  6. I've had cough and sore throat for last couple of days, and today headache and cold coming on too. So I can sympathise. Have been crafting tho...Christmas Cards! Think I may have a glut this year! LOL. May have to find some needy place to drop some off at.

  7. Little people sure can give us some big stuff when they get sick! I was amazed when my children were small that the bug I got from them could be so devastating to me and they were well in 24 hours.

    I received "Royal Mail" yesterday!! Living in the USA getting a package that says Royal Mail I always know it's my new stamps. Another stamping friend and I went in on 4 sets, I can't wait to play with them!! I have 100 Christmas cards to finish first, I even more motivated now!!

    I hope you feel better very soon Claire.



  8. Blinkie is officially added!! Hope you and yours are back to full health very soon!

  9. So sorry you guys are all sick Claire! Open up your windows and let the fresh air clean out the house!!!LOL!! (hopefully it's not freezing over there?!?!) Hope you are all feeling chipper again soon!

  10. Blinkie successfully added last week! Sorry to hear about your sick children. My little boy had the H1N1 a week and a half! He was so sick! Hope you all feel better soon! Michelle

  11. Hi Claire

    I received my first stamp set from you this morning; I choose to purchase the Secret Stamp Set, what can I say “It’s gorgeous” I can’t wait to use it!

    I have popped your blinkie on my blog.

    Hope you and your little ones will be feeling better soon.

    Many thanks,
    Heather. x


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