Thursday, 29 October 2009

...competition now closed!!

lol, I'm closing the competition on my store now as somebody got it!!!! actually a couple of folks got it!! but I have held back about a dozen comments that were along the same lines!!! so if your comment does not show up - you were close! don't spill on me now!!! lol.

I will contact the winner directly, ie the first person to get it correct! at some point today!!! lol,

I can't reveal it to you just yet cos i want to keep it as a surprise till I release the set!!

Next sneak peek coming later today!!


  1. Okay, Claire, I'm now confused as to how I see the comments again -- senior moment -- please refresh my memory -- thanks!!!

  2. Sorry, Claire; I figured it out -- again!!! LOL!!!

  3. First to comment....and it is....thank goodness for that as I may get to sleep quicker tonight....congratulations to the winner....well done!

  4. I really wonder what that will be... Claire, you are killing us!!!

  5. I saw the contest yesterday and thought I'd think on it overnight. Yeah, well, wouldn't you know someone got the right answer before I could post a guess.

    CONGRATS to the winner!! Can't wait to see what the super secret stamp set will be.

  6. Yep, pretty much know I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box now, don't we?!! LOL

  7. I think I figured it out, but it's too late now! *lol* Maybe I'll be quicker next time! ;-)


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