Sunday, 20 September 2009

...Sept 09 New stamps release Day 4.

Ed - the competition is now closed, the winner was posted on wednesdays post, thanks for entering!!

I love this basket of apples stamp from the new Peace and Plenty set - releasing 29th sept! For the first card I had red apples (coloured with copics) and a sentiment from Blessed by You also releasing on the 29th. I used stamps from the Off Beat Backgrounds stampset (Also releasing on that date!!) to make the background papers, the plaid maker stamp to make the green on green twill stripe - ( Versamark for this.) and the chequerboard stamp to make the red BG again, versamark!! love that tone on tone effect, I stitched both panels just for fun.

I found a nice button that had larger than normal holes and used it to buckle my ribbon! I love the zappy colours together, this could easily have been a Christmas card! lol

Same little shaker basket, this time with green apples - also used the copics, I'm beginning to love these, I found them a little strange at first but they are much speedier than getting out the watercolours!

This time I used the outline apple image, also Peace and Plenty, to make a background paper, I used Bamboo and sprout inks from the memento range, i bought these specifically so's I could stamp images to colour with copics but I find I'm loving the inks for all purposes!! especially rhubarb stalk - look out for that in a day or two, I have something really special to show you!! lol, can't wait!!

The little green band was made by stamping the graph paper image (also from Off Beat Backgrounds) in white onto green card.

I cut my main image out with one of those nesties labels but when I cut out the slightly larger label in a rust coloured card I thought that the border was too wide so I adhered it to the back of the main image and then trimmed it down with pinking shears, I like how this turned out. OOOh and look at the wee button! coloured the centre with copics to match - you gotta try this!!

The 'With Gratitude' sentiment is also from Peace and Plenty.

Now - all you folks who do paper piecing, why didn't anyone tell me how much fun this is?? I've only done this a teeny bit before but the new outline stamps from Peace and Plenty make cards like this an absolute cinch!!! I can see me doing a lot of these! I pulled the images together by drawing a pencil line box (I find this much less stressful than taking a pen to it as I can rub it out if I don't like it!! lol) around the images. The 'With Gratitude' sentiment works quite well with this idea if you line the box up with the line between the words, maybe you'll get it straight, unlike me lol!! I also drew little lines to make shadows under the pears, helps to ground them.

Hope they tickle!

Is it too early for a competition? nope? thought not!!
Today I had to do a stack of ironing...aaarrgghh! takes up valuable card making, what I need you to do is tell me what your best time saving tip for coping with laundry is, or better still, how to avoid ironing altogether!! (I may have asked this before but I don't think I found a tip that works for me yet!! I implore you, gimme your best shot!! lol!!) and if you like any of the stamps previewed so far i'd love to hear about it. I will draw a random comment on Wednesday night (my time) to win a free stamp set of your choice!


  1. My tip for ironing is that if you leave it a while and pile it really high in one basket quite a lot of it gets pressed and doesn't need ironing at all...
    I can't wait for 29th September by the way - I think most of the new sets are on my wish list already!

  2. I try to avoid ironing all together! But, I do have some things that need ironing. I take them out of the dryer, though, just before they are completely dried and hang them up. That helps limit the wrinkles. I also teach the boys to iron their own things! LOL

  3. Hi Claire,

    Time saving tips, hmmm .... hanging up your wet clothes on the line already on a hanger ? - my mother in law swears by it :D

    Beautiful samples for today - If I did win I know straight away which set I would choose - the background set - they look amazing :D

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and I hope people send in some great tips for you.

    Emma x

    (the word verification I had to use today was bogsbeti - it made me smile).

  4. I dislike ironing just as much, Claire. My tip which I follow diligently is to not buy clothes that need ironing!! Although there are times that my 8-year-old daughter is not dissuaded by this argument, and there are occasionsthat it must be done for dressing up.

    I took a top of hers out of the dryer the other night and it needed some pressing. . I folded it and piled the other folded clothes on top!

    A real tip is to be sure to leave space between hanging clothes - a crowded closet makes for wrinkles. Also,if something that is usually "no iron" gets left too long in the dryer, I'll wash it again and get it out promptly next time!!

    I am dying to order on the 29th. What's more is that there are two previous sets I must have after seeing more samples: the angel and the Christmas one. I am loving the backgrounds and can hardly keep my eyes off your willow tree card. I also appreciate your unique sentiments such as "mindful of your troubles." And... I see in one of the sets you feature that 18th/19th century font of old-style penmanship, which is a personal favorite of mine.

    Looking forward to the 29th!

    p.s. for "real" ironing tips, here's the pro ;) :

  5. I rarely iron! I check labels on everything I buy to help eliminate high maintenance fabrics. And my washer and dryer are located where I have easy access to get things out as soon as the dryer goes off! Then they get hung and smoothed out--that really helps. Oh, and I never iron sheets!

    Loved today's samples! And your coloring is wonderful--especially the red apples! Also I am glad you mentioned liking Mememto Inks. I love my black and cocoa and was thinking of ordering some other colors. Can't wait until the 29th!

    (My verification word is "prize"--perhaps a good sign?)

  6. You're sets are amazing as usual!!! Love these cards.

  7. I think my tip is similar to those of other people, I take the clothes out damp (or wet, depending on the item!). Then I shake them out real well to get out as many wrinkles as possible, and hang them to dry. I am lucky, my washer and dryer are in the basement, and my husband made me a very nice rod to hang things on.

    I love all the sets, but I am totally into the background one! It looks to be somewhat different than some background ones I have seen.

  8. I don't iron. I buy clothes that are wrinkle resistant. To make doing laundry easier I have several laudry baskets that I use to sort by color. One is for whites, one is for darks, and the other two are for colors such as blues and greens and pinks and reds. I throw the dirty clothes in the proper basket. I make sure everything is right side out so that when I have to fold/hang up everything that is ALL I have to do.

  9. Hello, I hang Tee's and jumpers on plastic hangers on the washing line to dry - the kind you get from Johnson the Cleaners (Europe) or Walmart (USA). Don't usually need ironing. Or invite the mum in law round - weird, but they usually like ironing!!!!
    I love the background stamps...
    Angela xxx

  10. I know this has already been said, but I take my stuff right out of the drying just before it is done and hang it up. If, by chance, I leave the stuff in the dryer for longer than I should (tee hee) I put it on the de-wrinkle cycle and then remove promptly.

    I'm loving the new stamps! Heather J.

  11. Ironing what's that (apart from a swear word)?!?!?!?!??

    My tip is don't buy an iron LOL! On many occasions when myself and my husband are out shopping, he says to me "Didn't you have one of those things along time ago?" pointing towards the irons.

    I'm saving up the pennies for some of your wonderful collections.

    Sian X

  12. My tip would be much the same as everyone else's; however if an item really does look better for having been ironed after ten minutes wear, then maybe it really did need to be ironed. If it doesn't look any different; DON'T iron it!!!!

    Too hard to choose a favourite set, cos they're all gorgeous! I like the one with the autumnal leaves it it, or maybe the backgrounds? Mmmm....

  13. Okay, besides having clothes that don't need ironing & folding things straight out of a warm dryer or off the line so that they don't crease much, sometimes you have to iron, I know I do, but since I got a steam generator iron, it's not so much of a problem - best money I ever spent. In fact just this evening, whilst I had some shortbread cooking in the oven (timer on for 20 minutes), I managed to iron an entire basket of laundry, at least 12 items.

    Anyway, enough of the domestics, I love all your stamps, but I'm particularly looking forward to the release of the offbeat backgrounds, I can see them getting so much use, but they're all fab - can't wait for them all to be available!

  14. I hate ironing, too, but thankfully, my DH is good at it and actually doesn't mind doing it. He does it usually when he's watching football. I am very much looking forward to seeing one set that I don't think you've previewed yet with a card. It's the one that looks like it could fit inside a Labels 4 set. Is that right? I can't wait! By the way, do you ship to Croatia?

  15. Margaret Anne Clark20 September 2009 at 19:38

    I RARELY iron - I honestly mean, oh-better-iron-that-dress-for-the-night-out frequency !! I think it's a combination of choosing the right fabrics (jersey/knit and bit of man-made fibres to lessen creasing)and we don't own a dryer. I do think that giving clothes a good shake and air drying really helps. Or maybe all my friends think I'm a slob.... !!! Loving ALL the sneak peeks, but my det of choice would be either the backgrounds - WOW!! - or the blessings set previewed day 2. That is so on my list ! Fab work you! xx

  16. Iron...we are supposed to iron?? LOL! I really probably only iron a few times a year, when I pull out my nice tablecloths for visitors! My husband is very particular about his shirts, so he irons himself each morning. Sorry I don't have tips...I do have a great dryer though that has a de-wrinkling setting!

    I so love all your new sets!!

  17. Gosh all these sets look like winners to me! Love these cards Claire and I absolutely love the label pinked round the edge - I'm definitely going to use that!

    Well, ironing - my secret is that I practically never iron anything - only for special occasions like interviews. Nothing that is not worn is ever ironed (sheets, curtains, etc) just fold them or hang them up and the creases come out. As for clothes, I just put them on creased and by the time you get to where you want to be they aren't creased anymore - your body heat smooths them out!

  18. Ooo I'm loving this set too! Looks like there's two sets on my list now!

    My advice for ironing is......don't do it! I don't and I tell people I don't and they always say 'really! but you don't look wrinkled!' That's beacause...if you get shirts etc out of the tumble dryer as soon as it's finished and hang them up, they don't get any creases or if you have to use the airer, place things on it as neatly and creaseless as you can and then when they're dry hang or fold as neatly as poss too! I haven't ironed for years!


  19. My iron is used for craft purposes only, never on clothes. hee-hee. Things that need to be wrinkle free I just hand up as soon as they come out of the dryer. And if that doesn't happen then I toss them back in the drier after a quick mist with water, just before I have to put them on. I hate doing laundry, such a never ending job.
    I am so looking forward to seeing all of you stamps this release. My friend won your gingerbread set at Stamping Around Vermont last weekend. Wicked nice stamps, Claire! Congratulations and much continued success!

  20. You've seen my blog, right? I make cards instead.

  21. Beautiful stamps as always Clair - really looking forward to seeing your new online store.

    As for ironing tips - well I just don't iron! Hang tops etc to dry on hangers, and remove stuff from the tumbler immediately and fold/hang. Never iron bedding, towels, underwear or hankies - this is just wrong! Hubby likes his shirts ironed - he wore them, so he can iron them!

    And a really good friend will never tell you that you look creased anyway!

  22. Hi Claire,

    My tip is to buy a steam generator iron! I had to have one after I tried one which belonged to a friend. It just glides over the ironing, has such strong steam and speeds the whole process up remarkably.

    Also, just want to say thanks for the extra quick delivery of my first Waltzing Mouse stamp set!

    Jill x

  23. Hi Claire,
    You need read no further. I don't iron, and everyone I share this with no longer does either. As you take your clothes from the washer, shake them a bit, tug them into shape, straighten hems, etc., even add creases to slacks and add them to the dryer. Start the dryer and leave clothes in the dryer only for the time it takes to go get hangers (about 5 minutes). Then, remove items one at a time and hang, restarting the dryer in between hanging. Try this and I'll be your new BFF! I can't wait to see all the new creations you come up with now that laundry no longer requires so much of your time.
    I LOVE your stamps and would be honored to win a set.


  24. If there are clean items that have been languishing in a laundry basket and now require the attention of an iron as a result of their neglect, I dampen a towel (hand towel, bath towel, whatever) and through it into the dryer along with the wrinkled items. The damp towel and the dryer heat refresh the clothes and they usually come out wrinkle-free.

  25. My #1 ironning hint....Downy Wrinkle Releaser...I hang a shirt (knit, cotton, poly...doesn't matter)on the shower curtain rod and spray it lightly all over with the DWR and then smooth it and tug it a dries really quickly and gets out most wrinkles. It won't crease it, but it will smooth it!

    I am Loving all the fruit in Peace and Plenty, but I also HAVE to have the BG one to make Plaid!!!!

  26. Beautiful samples today Claire! That background set looks like a must have!! Ironing tips . . . I only iron on Sunday morning when we're all getting ready for church. I think we must be much more tolerant of wrinkles in America - lol! :)

  27. Loving the previews so far, Claire. Can't wait for the 29th. Especially loving the apples and pears so far - love to paper-piece, and they are perfect candidates for that!

    My tips for ironing is to iron as you go. I usually take my clothes out of the dryer right after they're done and hang them. Then, when I want to wear something, I press it right then and there. I also taught my girls to iron, and my husband has been ironing his own things since the day we got married. My last tip is to get a really good iron. I have a Rowenta, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It's heavy, and it's the only iron that I've found that can press out those deep, embedded wrinkles that are so hard to get rid of - and I don't have to try very hard at all! Those are my tips for you.

  28. Oh Claire....across the pond they don't hang out their clothes like we do when we have good weather. My tip is if at all possible iron straight from the line, it seems easier that way...failing that fold the garments. I find the longer the ironing is left the harder it the moment I have a lot of ironing post holiday away...and a set of curtains which need some ironing...and yes a good steam iron is invaluable...wouldn't be without it. I have my eye on some of the new stamps for 29th release..oh the joy of not paying international shipping! Love the card samples...have missed them so much while you were busy designing.

  29. I bet I hate ironing more than you do!! I just Don't!! What I do instead is I use the dryer!! It works like a charm. I just throw my cloths to wear that day in and turn it on for a few minutes. There are a few items that I need to spritz with a bit of water first as they are REALLY wrinkles but I generally don't buy much that wrinkles.

    I am loving your samples!! The apple baskets are increadible and I love your colored button!!!

    Thanks for a chance to win ... keeping my fingers crossed!!

  30. Claire
    These are gorgeous! I must have that background set! As to ironing... I dont do that. I wash, then dry... then get out of the dryer quickly. On the off chance (ok the everyday chance) I forget I spray some wrinkle releaser on the clothes and spin them again.

  31. Gosh, I don't think I've ironed in quite a while. When purchasing clothes I look for the tags that say "wrinkle resistant" but if a few items come out of the laundry basket completely wrinkled sometimes I put it and a damp towel back in for a few minutes. The heat from the iron with the tiny bit of water on the towel steams out the wrinkles.

    Your creations are amazing.... Haven't decided yet which stamp set I like best. Keep up the great work!

  32. Beautiful cards Claire!! I love the red and green apples - and the large apple bg stamping is super!

    the bg design stamping is terrific too - how fun these stamps will be!!

    and your paper pieced pears are beautiful! that framing looks great on it.

    I buy mostly wash and wear just so I don't have to iron! and I do a lot of 'smoothing' out when I take things out of the dryer - or hang it up immediately - some of my summer stuff needs ironing though - and those things I hang on a rack near the ironing board and do it once a week....

  33. I iron as I need it. I usually put the clothes in the dryer for just a few minutes then hang them on hanger to finish drying. You won't have alot of wrinkles to contend with and ironing will go faster. I love all of your projects and look forward to seeing the stamp sets in full.

  34. Claire your cards are stunning! That backgroud set keeps getting better and better even though it was love at first sight for me anyway. As for ironing, I spritz shirts and some pants with water and give them a quick spin in the dryer. But I still iron the good clothes, curtains and so on. It reminds me of my grandma so I don't mind it so much. I'm really enjoying your release projects! Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. My tip for preventing ironing is to hang clothes up when they are still a bit damp and let them air dry the rest of the way. My tip for the wrinkles that show up anyway with certain fabric blends or because you overdried the clothes in the drier, is to spray the wrinkles with plain old water and let them air dry! It really works and has eliminated almost all of my ironing! (There are still some things that look better pressed). This tip also works if you have something in your closet or drawer that is now wrinkled. You would just need to plan a day ahead of time what you are going to wear so the item has plenty of time to air dry.
    Now, about the stamps, I am in big trouble! I absolutely, positively, definitely LOVE everything I am seeing...the shaker basket, the fruit, the folk art willow tree, and the BACKGROUNDS (especially the checkerboard and plaid maker)! My internet will be parked here through the 29th and beyond! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    Andrea McCulley, USA

  36. I hate ironing as much as the next one, so I only 'demi dry'(~5 mins) my capris and blouses. It seems to make a difference! Too long in the dryer and the wrinkles come back :(
    I am in love with your background set and am anxious to order that one, as well as the Christmas tag and label one! I can hardly wait- but I will. Starting out in a new biz can be (and is!) stressful so I will be patient-not to worry :)

  37. Ohh... I really don't like to iron! Well, maybe I should rephrase that. I actually don't mind it when I can listen to a good movie or have a great soundtrack playing as I iron away. The part I hate is hauling out the ironing board, clothes to be ironed and then keeping my helpers (little boys age 2 & 4) from being too helpful! I also try to pull out the majority of our clothes still damp, and put them on hangers to keep the biggest wrinkles at bay!

  38. I LOVE this set. LOVE!

    I'd also like tips on laundry cause they sure aren't washing and drying themselves. Unfortunately.

  39. My mom taught me not to buy anything that needs ironing, so as a result I iron as little as possible. Occasionally I'll quickly press something in the morning but anything that needs REAL ironing goes to the cleaners... And so far all the new sets look intriguing.

  40. I seldom irom-unless it's my hubby's dress shirts. I do not dry anything either! I hang everything on lines in our basement furnace room. When I fold everything I give everything a good shake and smooth out wrinkles as I fold each item. I check labels too and buy wrinkle free garments! I just found your site and wrote down Sept. 29 in my blogging journal!!

  41. LOL -- Claire you are too much. Ironing -- first off, buy clothing that is 'wrinkle free' if you can -- then what I do is once it is hot out of the dryer -- I hang it right up. sometimes you still need to press it - but it doesn't take as long, and should hopefully free up some time! :) I have a couple of shirts that are 'wrinkly' on purpose -- LOVE those *wink*

  42. I have two tips for you. The first is to take things out of the dryer immediately and hang them up. Do not let things sit in the dryer for even a few minutes. The second tip is to buy clothes that minimize the need for ironing. Knit is better than woven, and especially choose knit items with texture, such as rib knit or waffle weave, or herringbone, or interlock. If you hang these things up right away, they really do not need ironing at all. On some woven shirts, maybe you could just get away with ironing the front placket and not the whole thing.

    I'm so excited about your new release--the sets look wonderful! Your samples are amazing!

  43. A tip for ironing? I'm not sure I know your climate, but I always overdry my clothes and then take them out HOT. Hang them all, even t-shirts. But I'll have to say we just don't wear items that need ironing. If something is frilly for my daughter I hang them wet and hope I don't have to iron later. (BTW- its nice to know that someone else does house chores instead of stamping.)

    I love all the sneak peeks so far. Not a one is a single favorite! I might just be making my first overseas purchase next month!

  44. I really really HATE ironing! I don't have a good tip, usually I avoid buying clothes that need too much ironing.
    I love the background stamps and the apple basket.

  45. I never, ever iron anything even though hubs has a fancy job in Paris (he wears non-iron shirts). Just don't do it!!!!! Ironing is a waste of my energy and the planet's! I would rather spend my time stamping!!!

    As for stamp sets, well I just love the background set, ii looks so versatile.

  46. My tip for ironing (which strangely enough I do love to do - I watch a DVD to pass the time and I find it therapeutic), is to always fold the washing at the line or when removing from the dryer and place in a pile in the washing basket. This eliminates many of the creases and makes ironing easier and heaps quicker. With some items they don't even need ironing at all, can just be hung up as you go through the pile.

  47. Whats Ironing? lol. Only joking, this is what i do and it works for me. When the children came along and were old enough to pick their own clothes I discovered that they pulled everything out of the drawers and then shoved them back in, so it ended up I was ironing them twice, so now I fold all the clothes into their piles, put them away in their drawers and in the evening I ask them to get their clothes for the next day and I iron them all and leave them out for them. It only takes 10 minutes of my time at night and I'm not having to do it twice. Anyway Claire, my favourite stamp set so far out of your new release would have to be peace and plenty, I love the fruit and the sentiments are perfect, Its a real autumny set, perfect for this time of year. Oh and your samples are gorgeous! Donna x

  48. I simply don't do it unless I HAVE to - i.e. I buy an awful lot of things that don't need ironing and the things that do get hung up until I need them. Mum made us girls do ironing as teens so I absolutely HATE it except when I press newly sewn seams and then for some reason I love it! Lovin the sneak peeks - can't wait to see the actual stamps

  49. I guess the best thing is to buy items that have some wrinkle resistant qualities to them. If they are cotton items, I usually don't dry them completely. While they are still damp, I put them on a hanger or drying rack...that at least cuts down on how much you have to iron it to get it to look ok! Love the Peace & Plenty set!

  50. As you already know your images are beautiful and what you did with them is even more beautiful.

    As far as the laundry tip goes, I let my husband do it :-)

    When I have to do it, I fold them right out of the dryer and stack them. The heat makes the folds set and they will look ironed when worn.

    There will be very few clothes that need ironing in our house and I will make sure no one wears them again, unless they want to iron those themselves. Easy peasy right?

  51. Oh lordy!! I do hope I can pay off last week's purchases before the 29th! Maybe I can do someone's ironing. I very rarely iron. I remove the clothes from the dryer immediately while they are still warm and hand press any wrinkles out as I fold everything. It helps to have the washer and dryer in the next room so I can hear the alarm when the load is dry.

    My word verification is squetud. Sounds like a Squid with an attitude! LOL

  52. Timesaving laundry tip #1 - DH does the laundry. :)
    Timesaving ironing tip #1 - buy only items that don't need ironing or things that can be drycleaned. I have learned that no matter how pretty those crisp cotton and linen garments look in the store, I will NOT want to iron them. So I don't buy them.

    I love the samples for this month's release. I really like creating backgrounds so the Offbeat backgrounds set looks amazing and I think the willow tree set is going to be so pretty!

  53. Growing up my mom did ironing for pay and used to make us iron everything including pillowcases!
    Now that I am an adult, I don't iron pillowcases. Unfortunately, I let my little bit of ironing stack up and then I do a marathon session when I am out of blouses for work. I taught my girls to do all their own laundry chores at an early age so that helped too! Can't wait to see the new sets and place an order!

  54. i am loving this release very much!! i avoid ironing too. i am just used to having wrinkled clothes and my husband realizes if he wants it done, he must do it himself. plus i only buy clothes that can go through the wash and dry with no other fuss (most of the time) they have those great wrinkle free dress shirts that I think should be in everyones closet!

  55. Hi Claire,
    I'm a new visitor -my mom loves your stamps and blog. I needed a little lift today and she knows that I detest ironing, so she sent me here to check out the comments. Definitely smiles here -I've used most of these techniques. Here is one I use most often (other than not ironing): I direct the person requesting an ironed item to the location of the iron and board. :) Usually works like a charm.
    Good luck!

  56. Clair, I'm sorry that after reading the tips you already got, I don't have anything to add. It seems theese days clothes are all pretty wrinkle resistant. If I want to wear something that is wrinkled, I look around for something else.

    It looks like you have another winning release. Maybe you become successful enough to hire some one to do your ironing. Really, with your talent time spent ironing is time wasted.

  57. I hardly ever iron, because I simply wash most things on the gentle or perm. press cycle, then quickly get them out and hang them before they dry, and most times it does not need ironed! Love your sneek peeks of your stamps! Lovely! Michelle

  58. My ironing tip...I try to take clothes that need ironing out of the dryer right away and sometimes (depending on the fabric) they can just be hung and don't have to be pressed. However, sadly most of the time I let the pile get HUGE and set aside an afternoon to watch a movie and iron away until most is done. I do that every 2 months or so. My dh is a pastor, so he goes through dress shirts!

    I love all of the sets you are releasing and looking forward to seeing them in their entirety. A favorite...from all is the Gingerbread one and with the new releases...loving the background set and the Labels 4 outline set. But LOVE them all :o)

  59. My best tip is when your kids get old enough pay them per piece of clothing to iron it. Of course, you much teach them how first but usually kids enjoy it.
    If your kids are not old enough yet a niece or????

  60. I have to iron when the hubby is doing chores. It's the only way it feels fair, LOL!

    I must admit that I bought some Downy wrinkle release for when I went back to Ireland this summer as there was no way I was spending half my holidays ironing the clothes I'd packed! It worked alright (or at least the clothes looked as good as *my* ironing does)

  61. My ironing tip is -- don't! LOL! I iron very little, as I "ironed" my way through a year of college (long story) and trust me, I'd had enough to last a lifetime by then!!! I LOVE all your awesome stamp sets & they're all on my Wish List. Right now everything is only a wish with our economy & DD's job possibly coming to an end. Have to prepare for the worst, so new new stamps for me for awhile!

  62. Super samples!! Can't wait to see everything!

    I'm a spray on wrinkle release kind a girl myself. I bought a bottle of the Downey Wrinkle Release and after it was gone decided it was too expensive so I use the bottle now to make my own. I take liquid fabric softner, the concentrated kind in the smaller bottle, and put 1 part of softner to about 36 parts of water - yeah, I used to actually count - now I just pour in about 2tablespoons softner and fill the rest of the bottle with water and I'm good to go. It cost pennies a bottle compared to a few dollars.

  63. Beautiful sets Claire! Ironing tips... hmmmm... I've always found that ironing in front of the TV helps...and of course a good cup of coffee. I can't seem to avoid it but I do put it off. Last time I ironed for about 6 hours before the pile was almost done... then I threw the last items back in the laundry pile to try again... LOL.

  64. My ironing more 100% cotton! Also, taking everything out of the dryer and hanging as soon as the dryer stops is helpful too :>)
    I love all your stamps - simply beautiful. One that stands out for me is the willow tree, just gorgeous. Your samples are wonderful, you are so creative and inspiring!!

  65. Hi Claire,
    I don't have any time saving tips about ironing - I really love to iron - true word! I find it very relaxing, calming when I'm agitated. But, no, I don't get it all done because my closet is too small to accomodate all the ironed clothes. Love your sample cards!

  66. There are lots of great tips here, but one I would add is: pick a part of the house to iron in that you like being in ! In my previous house I always set the ironing board up in a room that looked out over the garden. It was peaceful, and helped me in my mission to find zen in the art of ironing! best wishes and find what works for you

  67. My best ironing tip is marry a guy that used to be in the military! My hubby does all of his ironing, I'm not going to start ironing his clothes because once I start it will become my chore and not his!!

    I only iron my clothes when I'm going out and instead of ironing one shirt each day I'll iron a couple so I'm good for the week.

  68. Get someone else to do it!!! No seriously, fold as soon as they come off the line or out the tumble dryer. If they are too creased when you take them out of the drawer pop them back in the tumble for 5 mins (add a damp flannel if really creased) and can you tell -no I don't do ironing :0)
    Love the star set you posted today BTW
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  69. Getting started is the hardest part - this is why I have mini mountains in different rooms. It is easiest if you iron as soon as the clothes are dry but I seldom manage this.I had to replace my iron recently and bought one of those steam generator types with the detached water tank. It makes a big big difference. My only other suggestion is to attack it if something has put you in a really bad mood -it's amazing how quick the ironing gets done and the mood is gone at the end. Very therapeutic. I'm pretty easy-going though, hence mountains of ironing to be done.
    Much rather be crafting, these new sets look very interesting - love the one for making your own plaid.

  70. Hi Claire, I so enjoy seeing all the cards, made by your unice style.
    I have the ultimate ironing tip for you. You know, I live in Egypt and here ironingman is a profession. The guy takes peanuts and it is really not worth starting the ironing machine. So I advise you, to back all your laundry in a big suitcase, take a weekend in the sun, while your ironing is done ;) ... tickeling???

  71. I only iron once a week - at night after the kids are in bed, and I watch a couple of movies while I do it, so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time at all.
    Love love love the new sets!!

  72. my tip is to get a tumble drier. Leaves so much more time for stamping. Loving your stamps.

  73. Ahhh - the ironing thing. I remember those long ago days when my mother 'sprinkled' the clothes and put them in the refrigerator before she took on the tedious task of ironing!!

    Anyway, I:

    1. try to buy clothes that never need ironing,
    2. for those that do I take them out of the dryer asap,
    3. hang them quickly,
    4. and when all that fails I put them back in the dryer right before wearing for about 10 minutes with a damp washcloth. Works pretty darned well, and
    5. sometimes I leave the house a bit wrinkly - shocking, I know :).

    Good luck with the tedious chore and I would loooooove to win one of the new sets. That would make my day.


  74. I too dislike ironing and laugh when I think that I used to torture myself by ironing all of my children's clothing (I have three now) and hanging their clothes in the closet. Now I shake my head and ask myself, "What was I thinking." These days I quickly hang their shirts on hangers right out of the dryer to help eliminate some wrinkles and try to buy clothes that are less prone to wrinkling. It helps that I am blessed with a husband who enjoys ironing. He irons better than the laundramat and his dear granny taught him. When she passed away all of her grandchildren were asked to take something from her home as a memory and my husband brought home her iron and a wedding day photo of his mom. What a guy!

    I am so enjoying your peeks. Your stamp sets are lovely.

  75. There are several different methods....1.)As soon as your clothes are almost all the way dry, I pull them out of the dryer and hand them up right away. The second method that I've heard of...but haven't tried is...spray your clothes with a water bottle so it's slightly damp and throw it in the dryer for 5 minutes or soo and pull it out and give it a few snaps in the air....

    Love the new stamp previews and hope that the ironing tips work for you...Blessings!

  76. Ironing is one thing I truly detest! My pile is like Mt Everest at the mo so the stuff at the bottom is neatly pressed but I daren't attempt to get it out for fear of a laundry avalanche LOL! My tips are firstly only iron stuff that NEEDS ironing, hang them after drying (if they can be tumble dried) and if you're really wanting to multitask I've been known to take a shirt on a hanger with me when I grab a shower...the steam tends to de-crease a shirt a little!

  77. I don't iron. I buy stuff that looks like it won't need ironing, and when its washed I just hang it up the minute my pet zanussi has finsihed with it (I keep it well fed with 3 little people to cater for). Mostly I can get away with it. I have way too much washing to deal with ironing too. That really would leave me with no crafting time!

  78. My ironing tips:

    1) Don't buy anything that requires ironing.
    2) Marry a man who doesn't mind ironing.
    3) Find a good dry cleaner.
    4) Sell yourself as someone who loves the "wrinkled look".

    Can you tell I don't enjoy ironing? LOL.

    Thanks for the chance in the generous giveaway!

  79. hang it in the bathroom!!! The steam should get most of the wrinkles out!! I know they aren't big in Europe and the UK, but my dryer saves my life!!

  80. Teach your kids real early!

    (maybe it shows I don't have any :p)

  81. Wow! They're all just gorgeous!! Love 'em. Fun ideas too. I love the ornaments!!

    I avoid ironing like the plague, so I just simply try not to buy anything that will require it. LOL As far as laundry, I just try to wash, dry, and fold one load every single day. If I'm caught up, then I get a day or two off until the hampers fill up again!! I'm OCD and have them all sorted by color and water temperature. Makes for several hampers full of dirty clothes, but it makes it so much easier for me!

  82. Wow - what great sets and I just love the ornaments!
    My best tips are get a cleaning lady who loves to iron, send it all out to an ironing service and get the family to chip in with the cost so you still have money left for stamping!

  83. I just don't iron. My theory is your clothes straightened out while you wear them :-)

  84. I have a few ironing tips since I don't iron at all.

    1 - pay or bribe someone else to do it.

    2 - put things on a hanger in the bathroom while everyone had their hot morning shower and let them steam out.

    3 - dampen them, and put them in the dryer until *almost* dry, then pull them out to hang and finish drying and they will more or less be okay

    4 - don't buy clothes that need ironing

    5 - wear them wrinkly and let them straighten out as you wear them.


Thanks for taking the time to comment, :) I read them all and I appreciate you taking time to visit!