Tuesday, 7 July 2009

...little help please, lol, Design team needed!!

ED - please leave me a name or contact if you need a reply - I've had questions and got no-one to send answers to!!

Anyone fancy being on a design team?

Just wondered, lol. I'm inviting you to email me with a wee bit of info on yourself and a link to your blog if you think you might be interested. I have no idea how many people I'm looking for or what I need you to do but I will reply with deets to interested parties in around a week.

I don't need you to make anything special, I want to see your everyday stuff on your blog and you don't need to have used my stamps or even been a customer.

Anyone tickled?


  1. Hiya,

    I would love to be considered for your design team,
    Totaly honesty here, I have not used any of your stamps, (as at the moment cant afford to get new, hoping my birthday will fund me some)
    Please take a look at my blog if you get time,

  2. Sounds like a posibility to me....please feel free to take a look at my will see what comes of this...


  3. I would love to help but my email thingy never works on here and would need you to email me. This is if my style which is more kind of adventurous and wild than most is ok lol. but please dont worry if its not as i dont mind and understand
    hugs June xxx

  4. I'm definately tickled!! I'll be e-mailing you!!!

  5. I would love to be on a design team. It must be way to early in the morn for me cause I can't find your email. check out my blog at email is boblyns at yahoo dot com

  6. I would be interested! Here's my blog:

  7. This is exciting. Don't know if you've received tons of emails yet but I sent one to you with a link to my blog. Ida

  8. Oh my gracious goodness, Claire...I would be so totally THRILLED & HONORED to be on YOUR design team!!! I absolutely love your style and I'm completely in love with your gingerbread collection! You can access my blog through this comment, of course, but here it is again:'ll send you a tiny bit more info via an e-mail. Thanks!!!

  9. I was anxiously waiting for this day to come!!!

    I would *love* to be on your design team!

    I have adored your cards, and your style for quite some time, and my new stamps just came a couple of days ago, and I am going to be using them tonight!!

    My blog is, and I will also be emailing you.

  10. Fantastic oppourtunity! I would definately love to be part of this, the gingerbread stamps are gorgeous! good luck!!
    Hug's Angela x

  11. My blog has lots of family stuff, but also some crafty stuff. I'd love to be on your team if my style fits your style.

  12. You bet! I love your new stamps. I'll be sending you an email later ;)

  13. Hi Claire,
    #Sorry I couldn't find your e.mail address either.
    I am a Scot living in the Netherlands. I work full time as a teacher, have two teenage boys and a passion for all things creative.
    I know I don't feature a lot of stamping on my blog...and I'm not inundated with visitors but I'd love to have a go at showcasing some of your stamp lines. (she says blushing as she has yet to purchase a set...sorry). I have been following and admiring your blog for some time and would love to be involved. Good luck with your search.
    Angela (aka Dolly Mixtures)

  14. Oh I am VERY tickled!! Check out my blog:

    i am a SAHM of two boys. I live in NY NY and LOVE craftiness! I have been a follower of yours for quite some time. I love the modern and fun designs you always have and am SO amazed at your new stamp sets... you are rockin' it! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

  15. Oh, if only I was retired and had more time! Your stamps are TOTALLY ADORABLE!

  16. Hi Claire,

    Big fan of your blog here. I would love to be considered for the DT. My email thingy doesn't seem to be working. Please check out my blog here when you get a chance.


  17. Well I do not have a blog. But I or shall I say we (my daughter and I) would love to design for you. We are in love with your new Celtic sets. I do have a gallery @ split coast (alwaysstampin2) but do not go by that my upload is speratic. I've been a stamper for almost ten yrs now and a hobby demonstrator for stampin up, almost as long. (means I only order for the discount).
    My daughter is a graphic designer so she's a big help. I will try to email you, I think you have my email address (since I have purchased a stamp set) See ya!

  18. I would love to be considered for your design team, I love your style and think my style would be a good match! I haven't used your stamps (yet!) and my blog is:


  19. Hey Kiddo! Look at you! Calling for a design team! I'm so proud of you! I would have jumped at the chance, but if you read my latest post, I've accepted a position on a design team starting the first week of August. Good luck with the team! I'm sure you'll have tons wanting to showcase your wonderful stamps! Best, Curt

  20. Hi Claire. Its my first time visit here and was referred by Katie Renz's blog. I am quite interested in being a DT member for your beautiful designed stamps. I am also a Design Team member over at the Dutch Dare Card Challenge and you are welcome to visit my blog DOING LIFE to read and see more about me. I am resident in Johannesburg, South Africa. Happy creating. Hugs from Desire

  21. Oh Claire! This is so exciting! I'll be emailing you too!

  22. I'm interested... please check out my blog...

  23. Claire, I would love to help you out not sure if my work is good enough have a look cscards I am on ilws. Sandra I wont be upset if you dont think I have done enough

  24. I'm a fanatic G-bread fan and love your new releases. I'd be so thrilled if you'd consider me a member of our team.

  25. Shucks! I feel bad that I haven't ordered any of your stamps yet. I've been skulking around your blog though and hope that counts for something. Joan B brought me here. My blog is seldom read unfortunately, but I have fun writing it and post when I can.If I had a "real" job, I'd be posting more. I'd like to be considered, so feel free to check it out. Thanks.

  26. Hello Claire!

    This sure sounds like a fun opportunity!

    Please take a look at my blog and my gallery at Splitcoast Stampers. I've only been blogging for a short time - but I've been a stamper for about 20 years!
    Cheers! Lynne


    Splitcoast Gallery

  27. Claire,

    Oooh, pick me, pick me!!

    I've always wanted the opportunity to do something like that. I would love to be a part of something so new and exciting. I know you have visited before, but please feel free to check out my blog!!

  28. Hi Claire,

    I would definitely be tickled. I don,t have a blog yet but hoping to set one up very soon with my daughter's help.
    I sent you an e-mail with some pics but don't know if you received it. Have been having trouble on your blog site recently, I keep being disconnected when I try to progress to another page or even try a link. Hope you get this. Out of curiosity would like to know if you got the e-mail.

  29. Hi Claire,
    I have sent you an email.
    Bye from Germany

  30. I posted earlier but didn't leave an email address. So sorry! Please contact me, if need be, at


  31. Hi, I sent you an email, I would love to hear from you.
    Just a funny tid bit of information
    I played rugby for the Montreal Irish Football Club!!!

  32. As I have been reading others' comments, I realize that in addition to my blog, I do have an SCS gallery with about 75 cards to case my blog doesn't do me justice. Its under the name Erica Fields.

  33. Ooo...I am a fan of your work & wold love to work with you! My blog is so you can see some of my work, and consider me. I will e-mail you as well!

  34. Hi! I realized that when I emailed you I didn't include my SCS gallery, which might be easier for you to take a look at everything at once. You can view it here at:

    My blog again is:

    Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day.

  35. Margaret and Sarah/southern indiana
    alwaysstampin2 @ splitcoast.

  36. Hello,

    I would love to be considered for your design team.
    I have not yet used any of your stamps, but have a couple on my wish list, especially the one with all of the Celtic symbols in it, and the Irish BLessings. I own plenty of supplies to create with, but just don't have the money to purchase new stamps right now (U.S. economy is bad, I am unemployed). I do have a blog, and if you click on my name, it will take you there.

    I also should tell you that I have never been on a design team before , but am very anxious to do so. Since I am unemployed, I have plenty of time to create.

    Thanks for considering me.

    Sincerely, Lisa D. Atha
    Just in case:

  37. I've never applied to be on a design team before, but I love how you plan to look at our blogs to see who would fit in this position. Your stamps are gorgeous, so I'm glad I've found you!

  38. Hi Claire, you know I'm a big fan of your work, and we are kindred spirits loving PTI. I adore your new stamp line, although haven't yet pulled my pennies together to buy a set. I especially love the Celtic stamps. I'm in love with all things European, particularly of Great Britain and Ireland. I would love to be associated with you and your wonderful artwork and friendly nature. P.S. Ignore my recent Cowgirl Ava and Happy 4th of July posts... they were done in a hurry and I hate the way they turned out. LOL!

    Thanks so much for considering me!


  39. Hi Claire,
    I've tried to type this message multiple times and keep getting a Blogger error. :(
    I would love to be considered for your DT.
    You can find my creations at and contact me at a email address by the same name.

  40. Hi Claire
    I have only just found this post even though I am a regular visitor to your blog, so if I am too late to apply for your Design Teamm then so be it :) But I would love to be on your team.
    I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator in Australia, and also a stay at home Mum with a three year old boy. I love, love, love everything to do with stamping, cardmaking, scrapbooking and anything else to do with papercrafts!
    You can see some of my work on my blog:
    Chris Parker-Barnes

  41. Hi Claire
    I would love to work for your Design Team. I have always admired your work...
    I am currently on Sharon Johnson's Stamp Simply DT and also with Michelle Giraud and the American Art Stamp DT.
    See my work at and e-mail me at

    Thanks so much for your consideration.
    Janine Orchard

  42. Hi again Claire,
    I didn't leave you with an email address. Please feel free to contact me
    Chris Parker-Barnes

  43. HI CLAIRE!

    I have never tried out for a design team before, and I don't have a blog, eek! But here is my gallery at if you'd like to see my style! HUGS, Kelly Schirmer

  44. I would love to be considered for your design team. My blog is I don't have much up there, but what I do have I think is cute. Thanks for the chance to be on your team.

  45. Just throwing my hat in the design team ring...sorry my blog is still new.

  46. Hello, I would love to be considered for your design team :) my blog is:

  47. Hi, Claire,

    I sent you an email when I first saw your call. Just in case...I thought I would also leave a comment. I am a big fan of your work and would love the opportunity to work with you. My blog is


  48. Not sure if it is to late to apply or not. If it isn't feel free to check out my blog if you have time.

  49. I know you advertised for design team members a few months ago, I just saw your post and would love to be considered for a future spot on your team. My blog address is


Thanks for taking the time to comment, :) I read them all and I appreciate you taking time to visit!