Monday, 22 June 2009

Celtic Heritage day 5 Important info.

I did wonder when I would run into my first problem. Being so new to this industry there are bound to be a few hiccups. So this morning I need to let you folks know what happened over the weekend.

I have been having a lovely time making samples and reading lots of great comments when I began to have concerns over the small lightweight font (text style) I had used as a sentiment text in both of my sets due to release tomorrow. In particular the gap in the top of the 'o' and the tail of the 'r' made the sentiments look as if they were not stamped with enough pressure. I liked the casual look of the font when I picked it and had no way of knowing that this would arise.

ED - I do apologize to anyone who feels very strongly about the original font. I was simply not happy that it was going to give consistently good results. If you are really not happy with my decision I do invite you to email me for a chat about it. I did love the original font but unfortunately it was one of those that did not translate well into a stamp - even at a larger size. I even had a letter lose a piece while being cleaned. My first duty has to be to provide quality, usable stamps to my customers. Hoping you will understand.

The lovely Irish looking words are not affected. Phew.

I cannot and will not send out stamp sets that I know might give rise to problems. So, over the weekend I have adjusted the artwork and sent the new artwork off for production.

Above, you can see the original text style in the top sentiment compared to the new text style in the bottom sentiment.

What this means for you, is that I am still able to release the stamp sets tomorrow and show the full sets up on my blog here and in the store but actual despatch of the new sets will be delayed by a few days until I take delivery of the new stock and am able to physically post it out to you.

I am hoping you will all understand the action I have taken. Rather than stick to my original schedule and send out potentially problematic sentiments I choose instead to delay the despatch a little and send out good quality stamps that I am happy to recommend.

I do welcome any comments on this issue - positive or otherwise.

On with the samples!!

Today I want to introduce you to the birds. I find these particular bird images useful in so many ways. There are a matching pair (separate stamps) and a baby!!!! Cards with love, anniversary, togetherness and baby themes are all good for these images - I could even see them gold embossed on a wedding card.

Lovely to colour in or emboss or just simply stamped, I'm very pleased with this little family. Can I just point out how the wee little baby bird actually fits inside the mommy bird!! take a look at the middle card below. I had a glorious anniversary card made and then couldn't post it due to the font change (see above) but at the bottom there is a peep at how I coloured the birdies using copics and then used the blender pen to lift little dots of colour out for a nice textured effect.

There are believe it or not two more images, one of which is a bit special that you haven't seen yet. Tune in tomorrow - you will get to see the whole sets then. I want today's post to stay up all day today so that everyone is aware of the font issue.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Birdies! You've got my number, you really do!! And the italic calligraphy - what a pity it didn't meet your standards. It was the perfect style choice but I'll trust your decision to make the change. What fabulous artwork!!

  2. Wow, Claire! I keep thinking that we've seen all the images from your great new set, but then there are even more!!!! I can't wait to order it.

  3. I like the original font MUCH better than the new font. I understand your need for quality control, but I am disappointed in this decision to go away from the original font.

  4. Your birdies are Fabulous, Claire!! I also commend you for fixing the font issue as soon as you discovered it. Your new venture is looking great! :>

  5. Well - I can't quite see what is wrong with the fonts - but appreciate your stand on quality! I'm glad it doesn't interfere with the Irish feeling of the font!

    the design on these birds is just lovely! so different and unique in how the baby fits inside the mum!

    beautiful work Claire!

  6. Claire, you're so clever! Those little birdies are so cool. I love the way the baby fits into the mommy bird. I'm sorry you ran into a snag with your stamps. Both fonts look lovely and I'm glad you were able to find another font that you're happier with without loosing the Irish feel of the stamp. Thank you for holding your standards high. I hope you have a great day!

  7. Claire your new stamp sets look fantastic!
    I was the lucky person to win two sets of your first stamps from Joan (Paperlicious). I've been away and they were waiting for me when I got home. Today I made my first card with them which will be posted on my blog Wed. Australian time. Good luck with this new release. Hope it goes well for you.

  8. I have to agree with Tamara... the original font is better but you, as the artist, has to be happy with your product. So what are you going to do with the original stamps? Hmmm... send them along with the replacements so WE can decide which version to use? PLEASE??

    Katie (who is sooo ready to order even with her hand in a cast)

  9. I can't wait to order these! They will be wonderful to use with our photos of trips to N. Ireland :) Fantastic job again!

  10. Claire - thanks for looking out for the customer....I'm with the other poster who said to send them along with our order!! Tee hee. Seriously, I can tell you have put so much thought and time and will make everything so perfect. I can't wait to see the sets in full. Have a wonderful day. Heather J.

  11. Very neat Claire!! Your designs are so different from anything out there - I think you've found a great niche!! Very cute birdies!! :)

  12. Gorgeous Claire - and hey, you do what YOU need to do...I think they still look fabulous...those sweet!

  13. Claire - those fine lines in real life calligraphy will not even photocopy well and have a habit of disappearing when reduced. The o does not give me any problem in that they are all uniform. I can't physically see the bottom of the r but of course when you are in business everything has to be perfect. I quite like the o's like that but others might not and feel they are unfiniished. This Celtic set is appealing to me very much...have lots of Celtic stamps but they don't have the appeal that this set has. Just like to wish you all the best for the future. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I won't have to pay International Shipping!
    Joyce in Cookstown.

  14. Beautiful card, I love the design. kim


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