Saturday, 2 May 2009

...cozy Ole' quilt

Ed - it is true - when Captain Kathryn Janeway speaks I listen.

Recently stumbled across these stencils from Country Stencils (you may have seen this post) and, having made about a half a million 'printed' quilts using this technique, it was time to make a card or two.

Wanted a cozy warm quilt feel for this card, and so I went for a red/yellow colour combo.

Papers are by Basic Grey, possibly sugared collection? not too sure. Supplied by this lovely lady.

Quilt was printed in Versacolour Burgundy onto white and then battered about a bit with sanding blocks and a bit o' Tim Holtz distress ink. Interestingly this particular quilt stencil produces an image which fits perfectly into a scalloped rectangle nestability die, making it look like wee mini quilt complete with borders and scalloped edging.

Distressed the papers and made a wee taggy thing to fit behind the quilt with eyelets and string (back of the kitchen drawer), not sure what you'd call this but it seemed to be required.

Quilt block stamps and sentiment were from the Quilters Sampler set by PapertreyInk.

Recently plunged into Facebook - oooh what a black hole that is, sucks in hours faster than a temporal anomaly in the space time continuum. Getting to grips with it slowly but not sure exactly what to do with it given that I'm not one of those shiny, witty people that always has something interesting to Have to admit is is interesting...well other peoples pages are anyway, lol.

Hope it tickles.


  1. Gorgeous quilt and colors!

  2. Beautiful,
    Definately a snuggle quilt,

  3. Very cosy Claire, love all the gorgeous details and fabulous colours too! HuGs Kim x

  4. Really love the worn look you have here. Nice work!

  5. Wonderful card Claire. Oh and BTW, I think you are a very shiny, witty person who has very interesting things to say. Actually yours is one of the few blogs where I actually READ the content instead of just looking at the pics. You always make me laugh!

  6. Love your card and so glad to see some more of that brass stencil quilt at play...its adorable! Great distressed feel to the whole thing!

    You are quite the witty one! I so enjoy reading what you write each time I come here. And speaking of what you write....."a temporal anomaly in the space time continuum"....just curious, are you a Trek fan? :>:>:> In the end though, I agree, Facebook sucks you in and holds on tight! :>

  7. Absolutely stunning Claire


  8. Great card Claire, i love the color combo, it would be nice to have a quilt like that when its a bit cold outside.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Hugs Yvon.

  9. This is lovely! It's damp and a bit cool here today and a quilt just fits my mood!!

  10. Brilliant....I am loving your quilts!
    Facebook is fun for about 5 mins..lOL
    After a while I get tired of throwin beads at people.
    My personal favoite of that series was Tuvok (sp?) and 7 of 9 hee hee...those are some TIGHT costumes.

  11. Very nice warm colors - like the way you tied it!
    Just agree with you about that sugging black hole of face book and in front of the computer anyway!

  12. claire - i take it since you mentioned capt janeway and the temporal anomaly you ARE a trek too..the new Star Trek movie comes out here this week - son and i are going to see it on the BIG SCREEN!! could wait for DVD - but this deserves BIG SCREENS!!!
    and of course i love your quilt card!

  13. This SHOUTS "cozy & warm"! Just beautiful...

  14. So pretty Claire - love the papers and colors - the scalloped nestie worked perfectly to cut the edge! did I tell you - you enabled me to to buy 4 different stencils from this company!!??! and I'm trying all your suggested techniques on them!

    I have not dared forage into facebook - I spend enough time on the computer with SCS and blogging - and since I work full time too - I would have no time to sleep!! Please don't tell me I won't be complete without getting into that too!!! LOL!!!

  15. Claire, I hope that you are feeling better soon! Your quilt cards are the essence of calmness and comfort--perfect!!


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