Tuesday, 24 June 2008

...a mess

All the ladies on the Pti forum have graciously shared their crafting spaces with everyone and I thought it was high time i "treated" you ladies to my 'crafting space' - here it is in all its glory - enjoy!! Lol - Of particular note is my ribbon storage system, free from the local grocery store, lol.


  1. least it's confined to a small stuff has exploded all over the basement!

  2. Claire that was my previous ribbon storage system! LOL. Then I graduated to tupperware box, and now I have my little embellie center smack dab in the living room!

  3. I love your space! You have the same Apple computer that I have! You have good taste! LoL

  4. I love it. It's perfect!
    We all work with what we have... and as long as things are lovingly made there.... well, it is all good.
    I have lots of my ribbon stacked or in a basket. I love the free bag system.

  5. Ha, ha! I'll bet it doesn't look like this any more...!


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