Thursday, 26 June 2008


Woke up yesterday morning to a bunch of fabulous comments from PTI bloghoppers - Thank you ladies - my head is swelling nicely thanks! lol.

While having my morning cuppa, it was such a treat to see everyones blogs - If i didn't post a comment it was only cos I thought maybe I was too late - due to the timezone differences, I viewed the second half of the entries this morning after it was well and truly over.

I will be putting up a couple of instructions for my blog hop card hopefully in a few days - gotta make another one - I didn't take any pictures of this one in construction.

I'll be doing this in between trying out all of the other ideas that I saw on the blog hop - you folks are well used to this but I was amazed at the experience and can't wait for the next one!! Of course I now need to purchase plum cardstock - cuttlebug folders - bitty baby stamps...

Ps. the photo is a little lane that runs along part of the bay at Carna Co. Galway - One of the most beautiful and child friendly beaches in Ireland - you can walk out into the water for about a few hundred yards at high tide and the water doesn't get much higher than your knees! I often wish I was there.


  1. What a lovely picture, is picutures just like these that make me long for a visit! How peaceful it looks. Thanks for sharing this look into Ireland for us!

  2. Claire this is just beautiful!!! I would so love to come and see your beautiful country!! Thanks for sharing such pretty pics! :)

  3. Hi Claire, I'd love to take my family over to Ireland. It looks so peaceful & a relaxing place to be. Claire, like you, I had ribbons stashed away but I came up with idea of putting hooks on the wall under my shelves & then sliding the reels of ribbons onto narrow strips of wood.
    Have a lovely weekend x


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