Sunday, 14 August 2016

...A County Kerry postcard

So a few weeks ago the old blog was a bit vacant - I had run away to County Kerry for the fortnight (took the family of course...), it's my very favourite place. I took over 1500 pictures and my people are bored rigid looking at them, but I thought maybe you might like to see a few snaps, some of these days I'm going to buy a big fancy camera, one with all the bells and whistles.

This is Blackwater Pier, just outside Kenmare.

There's an awful lot of these in Kerry, think this one is just outside Glengarriff.

May have called into a few of these... has to be done.

Saw literally billions of these...

Found this shop in Cork City - my new favourite craft store, pity it's a 5 hour drive away...

look... and just fyi, they do mail order from their webstore right here
Besides the acres of craft they sell acres of books.
want to quilt again now...

Maybe one or two more spirit grocers were visited, like McCarthy's of Castletownbere

Lots of history, I love history. This is Ross Castle, Killarney.

and more of my pet photography project - Irish windows.

Hope you enjoyed the spin!


  1. gorgeous and so fun. Hmm....would love an Irish windows set!

  2. Beautiful photo's! Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Just beautiful Claire! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wonderful photos of a lovely area Claire!

  5. Hi Claire
    Thank you for sharing the your gorgeous photos, wonderful scenery X X X

  6. Oh my... That image of the water rushing over the rocks with a massive tree canopy behind it. The colours and the whole feel of it just made my day. I may need to bookmark it as a go-to stress reliever!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment Keeral! :)

  7. Such lovely photos, I really enjoyed them. I also take photos of windows and doors except mine are French ones but I really loved yours. Also that peek inside a wool shop. Like you, I do various other crafts and it is so long since I was in an actual proper wool shop. Your picture reminded me of how nice it is to get your mitts on the stuff before buying. Nothing like having a bit of a wonder round! Thanks Claire!

  8. I always love your photos Claire: someday I'll get to visit Ireland I hope. I'd love to visit that craft store (yum: fabrics!!)and the castles and old stone buildings: so amazing!!! We just don't have that kind of history here in Calif!! :-) Have a wonderful week!! Hugs, H

  9. Great photos.I was there twice but never saw any craft store.


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