Sunday 21 February 2010

...Welcome to our first blog hop

Welcome to our first WMS customer blog hop!! I am delighted that you are stopping by and I can't wait to see what everyone has made!!!

Our theme was 'Spring' and I couldn't get past an image in my head of a little watering can filled up with flowers, so I made it for my blog hop card!! I used stamps from Sewing Box Hugs for the flowers, leaves and sentiment. And I stamped up a butterfly from the Earth Angel set, I love how you can customize the butterflies from that set, I made up a little paper doily style butterfly.

So if you're keen to hop on and see all of the fabulous creations awaiting you, simply work your way through this list, or scroll on down for more details on my watering can card, and a freebie!!

1. angela mclean
2. Lisa Hjulberg
3. Belinda Chang Langner
4. Kelly Schirmer
5. Heidi Schmidbauer
6. Lynn Mercurio
7. Jen Cuthbertson
8. Tiffany Johnson (iheartart)
9. Edna
10. Michele Hetland
11. Stephanie Kraft
12. Tracy Schultz
13. Carly (Paper In Bloom)
14. Julia Aston
15. Jennifer Holmes
16. Lee Erwee
17. Karolyn Loncon
18. Tisha Ann Harms
19. Carole
20. Emilia
21. Antje
22. Katie Renz
23. Cinzia
24. Sofia
25. Genevieve P
26. Peggy McCurry
27. Anya Schrier
28. Nancy McKinney
29. Loredana Gava
30. Melissa Ladd
31. Kate W.
32. Bonnie Sharp
33. Julie Masse
34. Laurie Marmon
35. Helen Berry
36. Marcie Sharp
37. Latisha Yoast
38. Rose
39. Ashley Cannon Newell
40. Pauline
41. Julee
42. Stephanie Gruss
43. Tamara
44. Joan B
45. * Brocé liane*
46. Mary Duffek
47. Michey Moo
48. Mona L. Pendleton
49. Lynne Phelps
50. Stampingwithval
51. Beth

Since I was colouring a stack of flowers to fill my watering can I worked quickly and applied a base colour of buttercup or pale pink (copic marker) all over the flower, then I just went back in and over-coloured portions of the flowers in delicate pinks. you can see from the pic below that I wasn't too careful around the outlines, these flowers were destined to be cut out with scissors and I wanted the colour to run all the way up to the cut edge. Not having to be very precise at the edges was a great timesaver.

Below you can see a sample of the template for the Watering can card front cut out. You will notice that I didn't cut out the space under the top handle, for my card I filled that area with adhesive and stuck flowers all over it. I popped a few up on dimensionals to add a bit of depth.

I used a kraft card to make my card front and card base but the eagle eyed among you will see something familiar about the pattern on this sample...LOL!!!

If you would like a Watering can card Template I am offering this up as a freebie at my store.

You can access the freebie by clicking here, (it is saved on google so I believe folks with google access may download it) or you can access it at my store later today, I'll be trying to add it there too!.

Hope it tickles!


  1. WOW, Claire, this is gorgeous. Especially love the copic flowers.... Gonna grab the watering can freebie, that's for sure - thanks so much!

  2. What an adorable watering can - and a freebie, to boot. Thank you!
    I don't know how long I'll stay awake (3 am here) as I haven't gone to sleep yet. At the time it seemed easier to stay awake rather than to awaken. At the time ... ;)
    Off to hop :)

  3. I love your can and all the gorgeous flowers, what a start for the hop.... thanks for all the co-ordinating, looking forward to a feast of ideas with WMS!!

  4. Love your watering can - wow for the amount of work and cutting and lovely colours - it definatly smells spring!

  5. Beautiful!!! How do you think of these things!

    Good thing I got up early. I misread the directions to the blog hop and thought I was supposed to post at 3 pm. Yikes, I changed it to 3 am and I'm good.

  6. Fabulous project.... this set will be in my basket when I'll place my next order ;-)

    Have a good day,
    Thanks for this blog hope !!


  7. Wow Claire, your watering can is absolutely gorgeous and definitely says spring! Thanks so much for the freebie template!

  8. Thanks for this idea be honest I needed some inspiration for this set...just couldn't get it to gell for me (and that's not a reflection on your good design just my coping with sort of cute etc!)- I love it and the watering can offer is very good of you. Thanks!
    I only wish Spring WAS with us...more snow on Thursday. Brrr....

  9. Utterly jaw-dropping fantastic, Claire. Such a breath of fresh air...I can almost smell the fragrance from your can of flowers. Awesome creation.

  10. GASP! This is so gorgeous! Simply stunning!

  11. So pretty and feminine, and a great fun template too, thank you! xx

  12. Up at 6 am here to hop! Thanks for the watering can, I'll be back to get it later! I love all of the flowers, just a bit too much coloring for me, lol!!

  13. Hi Claire

    So beautiful love it so much!

    Thank you for the template.

    Loved the bloghop thanks so much for the wonderful time.
    It was so nice to see all the cards and baskets.
    Hope you will be able to do this more often,(I know you are a very busy bee and I don't want to give you even more work)

    hugs Holly.

  14. no words... simply beatiful!!!!
    I think I've just found how I fill my afternoon with... thank you for the freebie LOL!!

  15. HI! I saw you stopped by my blog...but my post was scheduled wrong (I had 2/22 @ 1:45a) instead of 2/21 at 1:45a...I have now corrected my posting date. (woops)

    So my real card for the blog hop is now up. Sorry for any confusion. I promise I followed your rules! =)

    Blessings...thanks for the template and your card is amazing!

  16. This is so lovely. I just purchased this wonderful set and this gives me great inspiration.

  17. Stunning Claire, another fun fab card, I love it! xx

  18. Hello, and Good Morning to Ya! Your card is spectacular. thanks for the freebie template. Already dl'd.

  19. Oooh, Claire, this is fabulous! What a cheery, bright and fun card! Super idea!

  20. Hey Claire! So sorry I couldn't participate in your Blog Hop, but I'm really enjoying looking at all the projects! Yours is, as usually, FABULOUS. XO

  21. Your watering can card is so beautiful. You amaze me with all your wonderful ideas.

  22. WOW this is beautiful Claire! So Spring-y and beautiful! The watering can is so pretty! Thanks for letting us all participate in the fun blog hop! :)

  23. I just LOVE your watering can Claire - you are just the best giving it to us for free!!!

    Your bundle of flowers are just lovely and that butterfly with the wings is so precious! I've been meaning to try stamping that but just haven't gotten to it yet! what a pretty addition to your flowers to have her fluttering there!!

    and wow - what wonderful inspiration on the hop today!!! whoo hoo!!!

  24. Done the hop, Claire, and it was wonderful. I missed a couple of broken links, I think, and a few wouldn't let me comment, so I apologise for that! What fun I had making my cards!

  25. WOW! What a gorgeous display of flowers!! It is truly a work of art, Claire!

    Thanks so much for inviting us to hop with you.. so much WMS inspiration!!

  26. Wonderful card Claire,
    I had wanted to participate in the blog hop but have been juggling so many things lately I didn't think I could squeeze one more item onto the list. Hopefully next go around my schedule will be more available.
    Have a wonderful day!

  27. Oh Claire! This is amazing! YOur coloring is divine!

  28. As always, Claire, your design just pops! The colours, flowers, watering can...everything is so you and inspirational. Thanks for this hop!

  29. Oh my gracious Claire!! What a gorgeous template full of flowers! You are so generous Claire - this is absolutely stunning!

  30. Lovely card and thanks so much for freeby and instructions!!

  31. So stinkin' cute, Claire! I love the stithed flowers - they are some of my fave images of yours. And thank you for the template! I'll definitely be using that sweet thing very soon. Looking forward to more of your darling templates. Thanks for your understanding on my little "glitch". You'd think that I'd never done a blog hop before - SHEESH!! Thanks so much for putting this all together! Such fun!

  32. Having fun looking at all those adorable cards!


  33. Claire, this is pure fabulousness! Flowers are my favorite, and I've always loved the Sewing Box stamps. You've made a true work of art here. Thanks for the template so that I can give it a try!

    I can't hop now because I have to go to work, but wanted to check and see how things are going. So far, so good! What fun!!!!


  34. Wow, this is amazingly beautiful! I love your designs! Thanks!

  35. Goodness gracious, Claire! That is so fantastic! Just overflowing with beauty. I love it and yes, I want one! *hug* You are awesome!

  36. wowsers!! I have been trying to behave- but your samples today are realllllly making it hard!! LOVE it all!!!

  37. Claire--your flowers are beautiful! I had hoped to join in the hop, but I had too many obligations that got in the way. Hopefully you'll have another that I can join in on. You've had a great turn out of talented ladies for this!

  38. This is adorable, thanks so much for the template!

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

  39. This customer blog hop was a ton of fun. It was so fun to see everyone's creations with the stamps, some traditional and some creative in order to match with the spring theme. I love this watering can card, Claire! Simply fabulous! :)

  40. Thanks for the fun hop, Claire! I was able to see all the projects--so many beautiful creations! And now I want many more of your stamp sets!!

  41. Beautiful bouquet Claire! You did such an outstanding job coloring each & everyone of them! Thanks for such a fun WM Blog Hop :)

  42. Claire, this project is amazing! I just finished the hop that I started at midnight (my time - I simply couldn't wait!) Your designs are so inspiring, it was a lovely tour!! I tweeted and facebook'd about your hop, too. Just can't gush enough. Thanks for everything! xo

  43. I completely forgot to comment on your creation! I'm so sorry!!!! Your project is BY FAR my favorite! You must be one patient lady to cut out all those flowers by hand! It's really really gorgeous!

  44. Beatuiful watering can Claire! I can't wait to make a card with the template. It's darling! Thank you for hosting the hop ~~ I'm so happy to be part of it!

  45. Hi Claire, I really enjoyed the Hop and I want to thank you for setting it up, and all that entails. Maybe I'll have enough courage to enter your next.

    I just love your watering can card, and I'm so grateful for your discribing how you colored the flowers...I'm going to go out and make some right away.

    Jackie W.

  46. What a wonderful blog hop. I am sorry I wasn't able to participate but hopefully will get to join in next time. Love to see all the fabulous WM creations. Your little watering can is adorable. Thanks so much for the download. I was busy getting ready and doing a stamping program tonight so haven't yet made it through all the entries but will catch up tomorrow!

  47. Simply superlative! I love this stamp set !!! Thank you for this fun hop ! i am a beginner so this hope is a source of inspiration!!! Thank you for your freebe Ciao Lory

  48. Claire, Your watering can card is just so beautiful - I was totally blown away - you're such a clever lady!! Thank you so much for providing the template and for bringing us all together with the Blog Hop. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone else created and was really touched by yours and everyone elses comments x x

  49. What a great idea - a card anyone would love to get. Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing the watering can ahead for me...and the recipient of the end result.



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