Tuesday, 23 June 2009

...Launching Celtic Heritage and Irish Blessings

I was going to put up more samples this am but I figure everyone is just about fed up looking at samples and wants to see the stamps, so here they are!!

Celtic Heritage - Jam packed with essential Celtic images. Shamrocks aplenty, 3 and 4 leafed versions, a claddagh, a beautiful Celtic cross, babies, a heart, knotwork, a heraldic frame and even a thistle for all you Scots Irish folk.

Click on the pic to make it bigger and spend a moment or two reading all the handy sentiments, please note spellings are american, I think the only word different to english is 'Neighbor' tho.

Please be aware there was a last minute change to the supporting font - Irish style words and images are not affected - check it out here if you need to know more.

Irish Blessings - Blessings and Toasts for those all important occasions, my favourite bit? the wee cottage - can't wait to see what you folks do with that!! Have fun trying to pronounce all those Irish sayings!! lol. Luckily translations are given underneath. (no, i can't pronounce them either!)

Click on the pic to make it bigger and spend a moment or two reading all the handy sentiments.

Please be aware there was a last minute change to the supporting font - Irish style words and images are not affected - check it out here if you need to know more.

If you click on the pics they will get bigger!

Delivery information. Please allow the standard 14 days for delivery - although the sets are launching today and you will be able to purchase, the actual despatch will take place a few days from now when I receive the new stock. This is due to the last minute change to the supporting font. For more information see this post.

Click here to go directly to my online store.

Click on the pictures and they should get bigger so you can see the details.

In the store you will be able to purchase the stampsets and also read all of the other shipping and delivery information. Please take a moment to look at the entire page and then, if you have any queries,email me.

I will ship to US and Canada and Australia, UK and Europe, if you are somewhere else just drop me an email.

The stamps are top quality, clear photopolymer, self sticking stamps for use on clear acrylic blocks (not supplied). Supplied on clear plastic with matching printed image sheet, all in a polybag. They are priced £13 sterling which is roughly equivalent to US $21 and Euro 15.50 (though the exchange rate is subject to fluctuation as you know.)

Thank you. To everyone who has visited and is currently supporting me on my journey! your kind comments keep me going.

So, do you have the Irish?

There are a couple of Irish sayings in the Irish Blessings set that I felt you could use a little help with, they are given below:

céad míle fáilte - A hundred thousand welcomes
This is a very wee known Irish phrase - (pronounced kade meelah faultcha) Use it anytime you need to welcome someone - new neighbor - guests to your house/party etc.

Mo chuisle mo chroí - Darling of my heart
(pronounced muh kwish-la muh cree) The term more accurately translates as 'Pulse of my heart' but the 'Darling of my heart' version has been culturally accepted and is a more pleasant way of expressing the feeling. Use it for your nearest and dearest, a good alternative Valentine sentiment.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat - May the road rise with you
(pronounced go nigh-ree on boat-or lat) Another well known phrase - part of an old blessing and great to use when someone is going away, or to wish someone luck with a task they are undertaking.

Sláinte - Good health to you
(pronounced - slawn-che)
Well known Irish version of Cheers! or Good health!

Top o’ the mornin’ to you and the rest of the day to yourself.
A quaint old Irish way of wishing someone good day and as an added bonus, hoping that they get to spend some time to themselves! No longer used in everyday speech, I thought this lovely old saying would make a great sentiment for a wishing you well card.

Let love and friendship reign forever
An Irish phrase particularly associated with the claddagh - the two hands clasped to either side of the crowned heart. The Claddagh is, traditionally a betrothal, also associated with friendship. Eminently suitable for weddings, engagements, valentines and friendships.

Last word
The last images you hadn't seen were the cottage and the celtic cross. I'm excited about the cottage as it is based on a hand drawing that I did for this card. The actual stamped image of the cottage in Irish Blessings is shown below.


  1. These images and sentiments are absolutely wonderful! You have a gift, Claire.

  2. Claire, both sets are perfect! Great job!

  3. Just gorgeous sets Claire!!! I LOVE the cottage and all the wonderful sayings! thanks for the proper pronounciations - I had them in my head incorrecctly based on the spelling!

    I am a Scots Irish (as well as English) by heritage so apprecite the addition of the thistle to the batch!

    can't wait to get my sets and start creating with them!!

    congrats on your second release - may the road rise up to meet you!!


    I am ordering now :)

    {for your next sets, can you keep the spelling of words English, with the "u" in things like neighbour? Being Canadian, I am always on the lookout for sets that spell these words properly :)}

  5. Just ordered my sets and can't wait! Your gift is amazing, thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. These sets are AMAZING, Claire!!! You rock!!!

  7. Yippee Claire - more sets to add to your growing line. I feel honored and lucky to be the proud owner of this card that inspired the set!

  8. My order is placed...these are FANTASTIC Claire, and I can't wait to get and use them.

    My Gingerbread men/women will have to wait a wee bit longer...but I've already got ideas for them too!! :)

  9. Can't wait to get the babies, Claire, thanks for including them!! Have to think for a day or so about the cottage, lol...might need that one, too!!

  10. Hi Claire, I've just found your blog through Genevieve. Fabulous stamps! I Love them all. Donna x

  11. My husband said: buy the stamps *lol*, yes, I bought it :)Love the stamps...

  12. Claire these are both fantastic and I want them both. Just returned from a Hawaiian vacation so I'll have to save up for a while. I just couldn't resist letting you know how wonderful these sets are.

  13. Gorgeous stamps, Claire!! HUGE congrats again!!! :)

  14. Hi Claire, I received your response back to me email and I am GRATEFUL that you responded, so THANK YOU! I know you wanted to check out my blog, so you can do so when you go by and pick up a "Very Sweet Blog Award" I left you there! Thanks again, I will be writing you back soon!! :O)

  15. lovely work ...the cottage sketch is most beautiful!Best wishes to you


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