Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Ever have one of those weeks? Yep? I'm sure you have...nothing major, just a thousand little things all calculated to usurp every waking second...sound familiar?

We had a cracking little release last week and like every release, after we get all of the little envelopes out the door I always have a little list of stuff that I have promised to do for folks, but have put off due to the release. Normally it's something like - ok, I must clean out that rabbit, or maybe it's a pair of trousers that needs to be turned up. Last week it was more exciting, I wallpapered a mansion, from top to bottom. The fact that the mansion was in 1/12th scale does not in any way detract from the achievement...

Yep, an aunt has a passion for miniatures and recently got a beautiful dolls house kit - being a fellow fan of all things miniature and more than a little crafty, even if I do say so myself, I immediately assumed project management and embarked upon the construction and interior decor myself. Had a ball.

Spent a day assembling and papering a house which was nearly as big as the room I was working in, and then launched into the next job on my list - children's party. My middle chick turned 9 and we baked, and we baked, and then we baked some more...and then we iced and then we entertained a dozen 9 yr old girls and then we ate it all, and then we went home and did it all over again for family...

In between work and all this I kept the house immaculate...and in case you are waiting for the punchline, this bit is true because we had several viewers to the house last week (we have been moving house at a slugs pace since last year). Come the weekend I was punctured and husband declared a national holiday. We went out for a spin on Sunday, St Patrick's Day and this is what we found, snow on the hills, isn't it lovely!

I know Lynn will be here tomorrow with a round up of the St Patrick's Day blog party and I am looking forward to a mug of tea and a snoop round those later tonight, the entries look fabulous in the thumbnails!!


  1. Sounds like busy times at your house, Claire!! I love the photo - so pretty with all the snow. But if you are like me, you are ready for spring and all the blossoms that come with it. You should post a photo of the "mansion" when it is complete. Would love to see it.

    And big news - you're moving house? How exciting! Does this mean you get to decorate and organize a new craft room?

  2. It all sounds wonderful ! Your life is full! I love the way you write Claire ..... The words just flow and make you want more.

  3. sounds like you were amazingly busy!!! Hope you have a less busy week this week, but it sounds like you did some important things like a 9 yr olds party, and a trip with your hubby. You're moving? Is it a necessity for hubby's work, or just a lucky step up? Hope it's the latter!! And the snow looks so fun!! Here in Calif we're in the midst of spring: things flowering, and a big rain last night, and I'm hoping that it doesn't knock all the blooms off this year like last year so we can get some fruit!! Hugs to you and your sweet little ones!!


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