Thursday, 29 November 2012

...Introducing My Heart

Good morning and did you see what the ladies created for yesterdays previews? I was blown away!! You need to see what the ladies did with the Woodgrain Backgrounder before you sip another sop of coffee! Scroll down toe the previous posts on their blogs as you go by this morning!

Welcome to the second day of samples for our December release - it's a wee mini release, we have 4 sets for you. The set I'm showing a tiny portion of this morning is called My Heart.

Did your sweetheart ever carve your initials into a heart on a tree trunk? Nope? me neither, lol, but the idea is a sweetly innocent take on romance - perfect for Valentines. Ideal for cards for guys, and also for mass producing if your wee folks take goodies into school for Valentines. While I was drawing these up it seemed to me that hearts and woodgrain were perfect Valentine partners!

Since it's me and it's getting close to Christmas though I have other ideas for this set just right now but before we get to that, take a peep at what the ladies have created for us with this set and another of the new releases, Woodenheart Alphabet, a pretty rustic alphabet, perfect for adding your intials to the My Heart hearts.

I made up some wee bag wraps - this is the sort of thing that I could actually manage to mass produce under pressure. I'm thinking of end of term treats for the class, or party favours or even wedding favours, so super simple. You can make these easily by downloading the free cut file, which will be available freely from Saturday onwards at the store in the freebie section. The little window is shaped especially to fit a couple of the stamps from My Heart, but I'm sure they'd still be perfectly usable even without those stamps.

Incidentally, the white fuzzy halo I'm getting on my shots recently is driving me nuts...I'm sure it's a setting that I don't know how to set but bear with me until I find out...

The stamp I used is a rustic heart design with an internal wreath, plenty of opportunity to embellish this stamp - here I have used plain bling, coloured up with a copic pen to match my candy.

The wraps are designed to house plain cello bags, the sort of thing you buy to put cards in etc. - I would use pre-wrapped candies in them if I was unsure about whether they were foodsafe though. You can also use plain food/freezer bags trimmed down to size., just fold them over at the top and staple them once to the front of the wrap, just under the flap.

I have used only one single stamp for this mornings samples and I do hope to be back with more later, but I am rather excited to be working on the facility for USA folks to order these sets individually and so you might forgive me if I slip off and make sure that is in place for Saturday....

The set is a large 6x8 set with a total of 22 stamps. Six different heart motifs, one border stamp and 15 sentiment stamps on the theme of love. The stamps in My Heart are drawn to echo the grain of the Woodgrain Backgrounder set we previewed yesterday - I'm in heaven with matchy matchy - how about you?lol!

I will be making cut files available for this set.

Hope it tickles!


  1. Honestly Claire you blow me away with your insight into these stamp sets! These are gorgeous - gorgeous samples that the whole team has put together and definitely another beautiful stamp set!!

  2. Ohhhh Claire! your heart cut out treat bag is right up my alley! love your vine framing! This heart set is SO fun to work with!

  3. These are so sweet, Claire! What a great cut file to share - as you said, they look easy to mass produce and are just beautiful! They would be perfect for wedding favors!

  4. Hi Claire - you've done it again! These stamps are wonderful. Love the wood grain texture in the images, and the alphabet font is great. I love the way the stamps looks so pretty and feminine in pinks and red, yet very masculine in neutrals and blues! Looking forward to 1st December :))))

    Really hoping that the USA order facility is in place - so, so nice to get the order as quickly as I did in the UK! Thanks to all involved.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Claire! More droolworthy stamps and creations!

  6. Such a cute heart and gifts!

  7. Love your treat bags Claire, and the wood grain sets look fabby!! (with all the "wild west" sets you've created are you sure you weren't born in the American southwest?!! LOL)

  8. Another amazing creation...
    another amazingly gorgeous set!!
    I LOVE it!! :)
    Can't wait to have this beauty in my hands...
    it's perfect! :)

  9. I am loving these samples Claire! Beautiful! So fun to hop around and see all the wonderful creations too!!!

  10. LOVE - I never had anyone carve my initials in a tree trunk either :). I love this beautiful heart -- what a fun little treat bag! Thanks, as always for sharing your creativity!

  11. I honestly don't know how you come up with so many creative ideas. You are always inspiring!! I love this sweet little treat bag!! Love the leafy framed opening!!

  12. Another fabulous release, CLaire--great ideas too!

  13. What adorable little treat bags! You have the best ideas ever!


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