Sunday, 26 August 2012

...Thank You! and a new App!

ED - Carola, what browser do you use? I wonder if it doesn't show up in all browsers?

ED - Hi Donna, did the wee green tab pop up on the right hand side at all? if not what was the product and I'll check the settings on that? cheers!

Well I'm nearly done emailing everyone regarding the issues we faced yesterday...not my favourite day ever...but I was absolutely overwhelmed by messages of support and understanding. Thank you. I have THE best circle of folks on the web around me. The simple truth is WMS would not exist without the folks who support us, and we try to keep that at the front of the decisions we make, so even though I felt like I was pulling the rug out from under everybody, I really could not do anything else. Thank you all for understanding!

Today I have a new App on the store - it's a 'Back-in-stock' App and yep, it is completely ironic that it gets installed today in light of yesterdays events....but, it will allow folks to receive emails when items they are keeping an eye on come back into stock, so I am hoping folks will find this one useful.

You can see the green tab on the right hand side of the screen there -"Notify Me".  It's not pretty, I expect we'll get web dude to make it nicer looking soon, but it is fully functioning so we'll go ahead with it as is for the time being.

The Wishpot app is due to be retired, we found it really wasn't working out, it required a sign-in and then took folks off site, so we'll be disabling that, probably today. If anyone especially loved this app, do pop us a note to see if there is anything we can do as a compromise for you.

We will be re-instating a wish list app if we find one that is more dedicated, and frankly more use.

Right, a few more emails to go for me, so I'll catch you later!


  1. Hi Claire, just to let you know your new app isn't working, as I've just gone to the set of stamps I've been waiting to come back in, and all it says is this item is out of stock, no way to put in my email address to be notified when it's back in.

  2. I wouldn't worry about the Notify button being less than aesthetic for now -- it stands out and when something's new, that's the best way to do it, I think. We sure can't miss it!

    (Here in the States, if a new sign, like a stop sign, goes up, they put neon orange construction flags on it for a bit so people take notice.)

  3. LOL, Nancy! I like that idea about the neon orange flags on new products, heeee! Just dropping in to say "Keep your chin up, Claire"! And thanks to all of the wonderful people who stood by her this all are the BEST!

  4. Hi Claire

    First of all thanks of all your work you had over the week-end due to the delays.

    Concerning the green app, I don't even see it when I go to your shop. I wanted to see whether the "Compliments of the Season" set is back in store, but unfortunately it isn't yet.

    Kind regards

  5. Hi Claire
    your designs are so good we would be fools not to ride the storm with you,am sure your great sevice will be resumed as soon as possible and this glitch doesnt stop me dreaming of the things I will be making soon.
    Remember to make some time for you and yours

  6. Great app idea. It shows up on my iPad. :-)

  7. Claire, I usually use Firefox and there I could not see the green tab. I just opened your site with the Internet Explorer and there I see the green tab. So I think this tab does not show in all browsers.

    Good night

  8. I love your new app and used it a bit earlier today, works like a charm! Thanks for all you do.

  9. Great idea to add the Notify app, Claire. I used Firefox and it worked for me. I thought at first it wasn't working but that was from user error. I just popped over to the site, not realizing I needed to check a specific stamp set. As soon as I made my way to Bright Season it showed up.
    Good luck with getting everything sorted out with your manufacturer.

  10. This fabulous!!
    LOVE this new feature and played with it today...
    worked like a charm! :)
    You are so amazing, Claire!
    I'm in awe of the grace and dedication you have for your customers...
    a shining example for all!

  11. I think wish lists can be useful, particularly if you can email access to this wish list to friends and family at certain times of the year (when they might want to buy you something you really want), although my family never seem to take the hints I drop :( what is it with men?


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