Wednesday, 22 August 2012

...Introducing Vintage Garden

Good evening/early, it's nearly 4AM here and I should be in bed, but I promised my samples today, and since it's not technically 'tomorrow' 'till I have been to bed.... I'm fulfilling my promise by the skin of my teeth.

Earlier today the DT ladies introduced you all to the Vintage Garden series of stamp sets that we'll be releasing on Friday and here is a little something I put together.

The Vintage Garden series is beginning with the release of 4 sets in the theme. Seed Packet, Flowes, Produce and Appleblossom seeds.

The series combines some actual vintage artwork together with graphics that I created to complement them and make them usable on various projects.

I was once a graphic designer and I developed my ephemera collecting habit into an extreme sport during that time. I have ancient books and bits and bobs squirrelled away all over the house....DH loves it...not.

Anyhow, I have a collection of images, all well over the 100 years old that I put together for this series of stamps, I cleaned up the images and retouched them where necessary, rebuilding some of them and creating sentiments and other decorative graphics to produce a little collection of sets that I think you will love.

I made a sort of little seed packet and folder card, the cut files for all of these will be available on Friday. These would be good to fill with seeds and hand out at a Thanksgiving dinner, maybe even lay them on the table as a favor. A nice thing to take home from a visit I think.

This is what the wee folder looks like opened out - there's a little pocket where the seed packet sits.

Below, when you take the seed packet out, you find that it is a brown paper bag seed envelope in a little cream card wrap. I stuck to burgundy ink throughout, I was liking the old toile feel of the highly detailed vintage images stamped in red.

The pic below shows a wrap that I call 'wrap A - you can see it has a little arched window so that you can see the stamped brown seed envelope. Above the arch is space to stamp a sentiment. In this case 'Thanksgiving'.

Superlative seeds of the, love it!!

Take the seed envlope out and the vintage pumkin looks very smart with some specially designed vintage sentiments. I added a fine drop shadow on that lovely old font. I love how simple this is.

The back of the seed envelope. The Seed Packet set includes necessary items for making actual usable seed packets, such as these 'Type/Variety/Harvested/Use by" and dotted line stamps.

A close up of the Wrap - this is wrap A, there are two more styles of wrap in the vast cut file selection.

Hope it tickles!!!


  1. LOVE this Claire - and so glad that you kept your old files - perfectly done!

  2. Oh WOW... Claire, this is so SO beautiful... I love these sorts of images, and I totally agree: What a beautiful toile!!

  3. Oh, Claire I'm tickled beyond belief!!
    I have died so many times today gasping at all the incredible samples...
    but these images...
    oh, these images are absolute perfection!! :)
    You have delighted me beyond words with just today's peeks...
    and now cut files too?!!
    I can't wait to have all these in my hands!! :)
    Oh...and on a personal note...
    even if the images were not absolute perfection...
    the fact that the "company name" is Richardson would make them "have to have's" in my book...
    it's my maiden name! :)

  4. Good late evening Claire!! I love the vintage look of the maroon color on the brown bag and kraft - what a delightful packet with the little circle clasp - can't wait to try out the cut files!!

  5. Claire you're mad, you should be asleep!! Really love this seed wallet - so very pretty and practical too. Looking forward to seing more projects. Now off to bed!!

  6. Lol, you sound like me up at 4 and 3 am. Claire You have outdone yourself with this set. I love every tiny detail. I cant wait ! I love the very vintage look you gave this set. You did good! :)

  7. Oh my giddy aunt! Claire these images and your subsequent creations are extraordinary! It has been a very, very long time since I have been so excited to get a hold of something. Wow! I think I better have a seat. LOL I have come over rather lightheaded in advance of this amazing release. Brava!

  8. Claire I am loving these gorgeous and stunning images! I adore toile and your project is stunning! And as a huge gardener this whole line is so appealing! I hope that as I am typing this that you are sleeping though! Blessings! :)

  9. Oh gosh, I really think you are pushing me over the edge to get a digital cutter. Jason will be so pleased...not! HEEE! This is a GORGEOUS project, love the warm colors! I am just wowed by this whole series, Claire!

  10. Very sweet. And from the company that has the Superlative Stamps of the Realm!

  11. Claire I too love the seed packets and the maroon ink on the beautiful images you have presented for us. All of the Design Team did a Grand Job as well. I love the vintage feel of the drawings, probably because they are!! (Laughing at my brillance on that comment). Thank you for all you do to ready for us these beautiful works of Arts you produce. Now can you get to bed? The Sun and your "Littles" will be up before your asleep otherwise.

  12. OH, this looks good and promising.

  13. Oh I've always loved these Victorian engravings and have a collection of old gardening and cookery books myself. Its absolutely wonderful to have them turned into stamps Claire. Seedpackets are very popular in the crafting world and I'm just delighted to see stamps with a more British feel on the market - we are a nation of gardeners after all. Love your projects - and I'm starting to wish I had one of those expensive cutting machine!!!

  14. Stunningly gorgeous this new stampset and what you made !

  15. As the youngsters say, I am stoked over these stamps and your creations!
    And guess what DH surprised me with for my birthday in May--a Silhouette, so I want to make him happy and use it---so new stamps and cut files :)

  16. I'm going for the cameo for b-day and it will come to great use with all your cut files!!! LOVE your project and these stamps.....fabulous!

  17. I'm loving this set ... beautiful samples!

  18. Claire, Simply stunning - love the clean crisp vintage images - especially the actual seed envelope! Love that there will be dies too! Cheers to you for always keeping it fresh!

  19. Wow Claire, I Love the look of these images!! I can't wait for full reveal.


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