Sunday, 18 September 2011

...September new stamps, Day 3

So are we enjoying the samples?? I have been amazed at what the ladies have created. So amazed that I have spent far too much time ogling their blogs that alas I am not ready this morning...

Anyhow, today the ladies are previewing a little Halloween set Hocus Pocus - let's go and see what they've made shall we? (it'll distract you while I finish up mine...)


  1. Claire the samples have been divine!!! I am so anxious to see the new sets..

    I had an issue with Sarah's link working... it said it couldn't be found... but i clicked elsewhere on the page and it took me to her site...

    I will have to miss your post until possibly tomorrow...

    It's all been awesome!!! Thanks!

  2. Yes, Sarah's link and comments are a pain - yesterday I couldn't get in at all so missed commenting on her second lot of work. Great sets so far, Claire, and cannot wait to see what you have come up with!

  3. Claire - your sets are fabulous! Can't wait until this evening!!! My poor old bank :)


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