Thursday, 15 September 2011 more peek...

Just squeezing out one more peek before tomorrow! You might want to pop back...we have some AWESOME news......

It's a little Halloween set, it's mostly sentiment based, but with a super...well, you'll find out....

And tonight we also have a winner, I asked folks to leave me comments about their favourite Christmas 'escapisms'. I thoroughly enjoy reading these, it's a fabby way to get 'in the mood' for some Christmas creating!! 

We picked a random winner and that was Sharon who said:

"Claire, I'm so excited about your Christmas release. Love the sweet cottage. Can't wait to see what other wonderful goodies you have to share!

For us, Christmas time can be bittersweet. All of our children live too far away for us to get together except for one and then we celebrate a week or so before or a week after. So I LOVE all the anticipation--trying to find the PERFECT gift (which drives hubby crazy!), making crafty creations, baking cookies and unwrapping each ornament for the tree. I adore the music, the smells, the crisp air (and if we're lucky the fluffy snow) and those twinkling lights that magically turn the world into a wonderland. But I feel the most peaceful on Christmas morning, at home with my hubby & the furkids, just enjoying the blessing of being together for another Christmas!"
After reading Sharon's post, I will appreciate the company of my wee folks all the more, I do dread the day when they will spend Christmas away from us!
Sharon, pop me an email with your deets! You win two sets from Monday's release!!!!


  1. As you know I don't do halloween but I do like the font used in these two words...and the marks Claire for choosing just what is right for the occasion.

  2. Love the peek and can't wait to see what else you have to share, Claire!

    Congratulations to Sharon - beautiful post!!

  3. Oooh! Another Halloween goodie. You are making me want to start making Halloween cards. Hope I remember about tonight. Sometimes I get caught up in, well, life and forget. Or fall asleep with the kids.

  4. Oooh - good for Harry Potter type cards I think!

    Another sneeky question for you ... how many sets are you releasing on Monday please? (i.e. can I still afford to go to the supermarket for food this weekend or not)?LOL!

    Lynn Wild x

  5. First...
    a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Sharron!!:)
    Such an incredibly sweet person...
    but I'm biased with her...
    she's the one who got me hooked on Waltzingmouse :)
    SO happy for her...
    and I know she will do incredible things with her sets!
    And now...
    this peeky...
    I just love them all...
    I need them all.
    Your creativity and talent is amazingly endless...
    and I can't wait to see ALL the goodies!!

  6. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!! I can't wait to see what's in store!

  7. Congrats to Sharon! I LOVE this Hocus Pocus peek... can't wait to see the rest!!!

  8. oh - this looks so cute. you know, claire, i really am in love with your fonts.


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