Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Gremlins in the Master Mousehouse

Good day craft fans.  Lynn here with another update from Claire.  (I think you might know where this post is going.)

Claire had a couple of hours of Internet last night which allowed her to process orders, but today is another story.  Today finds her with no Internet, no electricity and thus emails and shipping notes/updates cannot go out.  Claire hopes to be back online by this evening, but for the next day, if you are waiting for a shipping notice or an answer to an e-mail, please be aware that these items are on hold for now. 

Thanks for your patience.


  1. Poor Claire.... that's awful news. Hope the remedial action is taking place and she will be back in the land of technology very soon. Hugs to you Claire and everyone at the Mousehouse. Renovations can be v.v. v stressful!

  2. My goodness Claire: did you notice that you've hit 1000 followers on your blog?!! Congrats!!


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