Wednesday, 17 November 2010

...November Orders

At present the following sets are on backorder in our store:

Vintage Ornaments

Compliments of the Season

Vintage Labels no. 4

Holiday Labels No. 14

Fancy Phrases

Irish Blessings

please be advised that backordered items may take 10 days or more to come back into stock. If you order backordered items along with other items that you need in a hurry for Christmas, please pop me a note on your order, I will do my utmost to get In-stock items out ASAP with backordered items following on in a later envelope.

November Release
An important notice to folks who ordered from the November release.

As you will know, two of our November sets were delayed. Also during the release, other sets sold out and went onto backorder. These are listed above.

I have been taking shipments of replacement stock all week, but I have not yet received enough stock of everything to fulfil all of the orders that were placed.

I am fulfilling orders chronologically as stock comes in and I had intended to only ship orders once they were complete.

However, I am mindful that Christmas is just around the corner and so I have taken the decision to go ahead and ship out everything that I have in stock. What this means is that if you placed an order for several stamp sets, I will ship out to you those that I have in stock while we wait on the items that are on backorder. I will automatically send on the backordered items as I receive them. Many folks will receive their order in two shipments, but I feel uncomfortable about holding back instock items while waiting on backordered items.

No-one will pay any extra shipping, I will absorb this in favour of trying to get in-stock stamps to customers in time for their holiday preparations.

This past release was so busy that despite what we thought were buoyant stock levels, the sets listed above sold out during the release and although I had already ordered replacement stock, the replacements are not due here until next week. I would feel totally uncomfortable about holding back orders until then.

The upshot of all this is that there is now perhaps double the packing and paperwork and so I am going to be very slow to answer queries via email over the next couple of days. I hope you can bear with me.


  1. Claire, you are so thoughtful. This doesn't seem to affect me, because I got a shipping notice already, but I still wanted to say that I think it is so considerate of you to send peoples' orders so that they may have their goodies in time for holiday projects. This says so much about what a great person you are, and why it's wonderful to support your business. And how wonderful for you that you're always selling out of things - it means that you're a success! :)

  2. Claire, your customer service is the best! Thanks for always thinking of us and putting us above all else. It is so sweet of you to absorb the extra shipping costs.

  3. Wow--I'm certainly even MORE impressed with Waltzingmouse now! You could teach a thing or two to some other stamp companies!

    Hope the order comes in soon and your days become a little less hectic!

  4. Claire - you are the more conscientious and thoughtful person i know! not that many people would go to the extra length of absorbing the extra shipping cost and doubling their own work. Especially since you are also going through your own Christmas hiatus! It's truly a pleasure to shop Waltzingmouse - not just because of its unique and awesome designs, but also because of the awesome customer service.

  5. Thank you, Claire! I've been sitting on my cart not knowing what to do but I'll go ahead and order so I can get into the queue with the backordered items. I'm sorry that your growing pains are hitting right before the holidays but this is incredibly generous of you to accommodate our need to get Christmas projects done in time. You're amazing and you provide the best customer service!
    Thanks again,
    April C.

  6. Your success is well deserved and the designs you release are so unique and great to use. I am happy to support your business, you truly deserve it.

  7. Hi Claire, I just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on your wonderful stamps. My friend has just told me about your company and I am delighted with everything I see!

    I do occasional work as a freelance designer for Craft Stamper magazine and I'm a Northern Irish girl too, living in Belfast!

    You can be sure I'll come back for another visit. Best of luck with everything.


    p.s. Here's a link to my new blog if you want to have a nosey...

  8. Good luck in these busy times, Claire! I know it's only just a wonderful thing that sooo many people like the new stamps, but it can make you very busy! Hope you'll keep it up! all the best! We love you and your stamps!

    Hugs, Wendy

  9. Hi Claire
    YOU are the BEST stamp company!
    So sweet of you to do this you are so thoughtful!
    Didn't order this month but there are a few on my wishlist already again.
    At the moment I have so much fun with my cherised Teeny Trees LOVE them so easy for the Christmas cards!
    Hugs Holly.

  10. Claire your transparency about how things are going and what the status of your stock and processing is, is absolutely awesome! I really salute you for what you're doing - and for how you take care of people! Hope the next few days are manageable for you!

  11. Woo hoo, Claire...I love hearing how busy you are :)!! Luckily my birthday is in December...should be plenty of time for you to get your stock back so I can shop for my OWN presents, heeee! Congrats on your big release!

  12. Claire, contents noted.... you are the best... my dies arrived for the vintage ornament set.... can't wait to get my hands on the stamps and start creating. Thanks for the update.

  13. Hi Claire

    That is such a considerate thing to think of, and so good of you to take such action. I was delighted to receive my order today - hurrah!

    Thanks for being fab all the time,


  14. For the best customer service around, a hip hip hurray!!!

    Hugs :)


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