Tuesday, 20 April 2010

...public service announcement!

I went to a craft fair the other night, I do love to get out to see what's 'going on' in the craft world, and although Belfast's finest craft fair is hardly on a par with the likes of CHA etc, it's still nice to potter about looking at some of the goodies that I've seen on blogs this last 6 months or so.

One thing that struck me, hard, as I wandered about was how expensive everything is. I'm talking particularly about stamps of course!! LOL!

And, as I walked about, looking at what was on offer I came across stamps I have only ever seen on the internet. I was absolutely STUNNED to see that time after time, the stamp sets were way smaller than what I had imagined and it began to dawn on me that many folks have no real idea, when they order Waltzingmouse Stamps, what size of package to expect.

Right about now the penny was finally dropping! I get so many emails from folks telling me that they were delighted at how large the stamp sets are and what great value for money they are! Alarm bells should have been ringing ages ago but I am usually so caught up in orders and designing that the obvious has bypassed me on this one. I need to show folks just what great value WMS are!

Up to now all of my stamp sets have been the same size, 8 inches by 6 inches. This doesn't actually mean very much until I lay it down on top of a sheet of American standard size cardstock. See the photo below. I have laid the Celtic Heritage set out on top of a sheet of cardstock (actually someone did suggest this to me last week, thank you!) so that you can get a grasp of the size of a stamp set. A few sets are standing behind so's you can see the packaging, thankfully they are way more presentable than they were this time last year when I started!

As I walked around the fair I realised that my sets are positively huge compared to other sets of the same price and quality!! Excellent, I thought!! lol, WMS is great value!! If you know me at all you will know that I don't like to 'blow my own trumpet' I'm way too easily emabarrased to do that but the comparisons I made that night were so strong that i do feel it needs shouted about! lol. So I'll be adding a section to the webstore where folks can see these pics and hopefully be better informed about just what to expect from WMS!

All our clear photopolymer stamp sets retail at an amazing £13.50 sterling each – check out how many images and sentiments are in each set!! (approx US $20.74, Canada $21.01, Euro 15.37, Australian $22.43 – all values approximate as of 17th April 2010 and subject to change – source,

Shipping costs

• Currently shipping one stamp set to USA costs around US$4.13, shipping 4 sets costs around US$7.75

• Currently shipping one stamp set to Canada costs around CAD$4.18, shipping 4 sets costs around CAD$7.86

• Currently shipping one stamp set to Australia costs around AUD$4.47, shipping 4 sets costs around AUD$8.39

• Currently shipping one stamp set to Europe costs around Euro€3.06, shipping 4 sets costs around EURO€5.75

NB. these prices are approx values and are subject to change as currency values change.

At present shipping is delayed due to the Ash cloud problemd from the Icelandic Volcano but normally most US/Canada/Australian customers receive their orders within 7-10 days. European orders take from 3-7 days normally.

Anyhow, so now you know! lol, be back tomorrow with a card hopefully. Isn't it funny how life gets busier just when you thought it couldn't!!


  1. Cool! And thanks! I've been eyeing WMS for a long time, but it's so nice to SEE what we get. Guess I'll be placing an order soon...there are several sets I really LOVE! Thanks!!

  2. should I say I told you so or would that be rude??? Your stamps are dirt cheap!! And gorgeous (which is the most important thing...)

  3. Sandy in Epping21 April 2010 at 00:53

    Plain and simple, Claire, a very,very good deal all around that is well worth the wait through the posts.

  4. I tell everyone I know that WMS sets are huge compared to anything on the market, amazing quality and totally fabulous images of course!! But I am glad you are also posting it here. The value is next to none!! And have I said lately that I can't wait until the May release!!!! :-)

  5. Wow! I had no idea that they were so large! Thanks for the comparison Claire.

  6. I will add my two cents---these stamps are AWESOME---as well as the sets being HUGE! Great value for your $$$$! I love all of mine!

  7. I am always amazed at how many stamps you pack in there! I am amazed at how cheap it is to send it from Ireland to California but mostly I am amazed at how fabulous they are and how little you charge me! YOU rock Claire! And I love the new cute

  8. Hello Claire,
    It is just me again!! As for your stamp sets, I will tell you I know how wonderful they are and What a deal they are. Until I purchased one of your sets, I hated clear stamps. I only purchased wood mounted stamps. ( I had purchased a couple of clearstamps a couple of years ago and ended up throwing them away). They were horrible.
    When i ordered one of yours, to try I was so impressed, the price was great, shipping is awesome and the customer service Rocks!!!. I am trying to buy all of them lol. Your quality, your pride shows on your Product and I am very proud to be an owner of you stamp sets!!!. I will have them all!!!! very soon. lol.
    Bonnie H.

  9. they are HUGE! and fabulous! Need more!! :)

  10. Agree with all they are fabulous, large and extremely good value for money.

    BTW - dying to know how many flowers there were on the waltz!!!


  11. Wow they really are big, I kept thinking there where smaller than an a5 sheet! Excellent value.

  12. Anyone who has bought a set of WMS stamps KNOWS they got a great deal and that's why they return for more.

    I was very pleasantly surprised with the 'secret' set at xmas so therefore I went back again for the Labels 4 and on my wishlist is Sewing Box - Hugs, Say it with Style, Seasons of Love.. Labels 1, 3 & 5... oh crikes.. I just want them all :D

    It's uplifting that in a time when we all have to watch our pennies carefully we can still get something crafty which is excellent value for money. :) :)

  13. Yes, Claire, when compared with say a set of Inkadinkadoo (on the stand where I think you bought your brushes) yours are so better value for us.
    I was using 'from my kitchen' this morning and was just thinking that very thing that there's a lot for your money from WMS.....and having been with Elliebelle and used her roses in bloom I'm off to order it now.

  14. I absolutely agree they're a great value. I often wait for a bit and find several that I want before I order because I'm impatient and I know they have to come from overseas. But even ordering from overseas, the shipping is quite reasonable, both in cost and in the amount of time it takes to get to me.

    BTW... I didn't think your previous packaging was horrid, but I do like the new packaging. I'm saving the backing cards because I think I can use the plaid print on some man cards. :-)

    Thanks for providing a great, high-quality, well-designed product!

  15. Your post reminded me! I meant to email you after my latest purchase of Free Spirit to say that I love the new packaging. They were my first sets with the new style packaging and it looks great - very professional. And always a delight at the number of stamps for my money - best value stamps around I'd say.

  16. GREAT post Claire!! People out there should know what a FABULOUS value your sets are - not to mention just gorgeous! There are tons of images and I love the new packaging - so pretty!! :)

  17. Claire I am constantly tellin friends and fellow crafters just what great value your stamps are. You have every reason to shout about it! So glad you did. I'm sure if you'd had a 'customer comments' section on your web store it would've been over flowing with all kinds of good things. Be pleased! Be VERY pleased! You sooooo deserve it.

  18. Great post, Claire, and so true. I especially appreciate the note about savings on shipping 4 sets at a time instead of 1. I have only been ordering 3 at a time - I need to up that to 4 to get biggest bang for the shipping buck! :-) I must say I am happiest when I receive a package in the mail stamped Royal Mail - makes me feel like I am getting something from the Queen!

  19. Thanks so much for the visual on actual size! These stamps are an amazing quality and value and I am so thrilled with my first order which included Free Spirit Boy. Fantastic set!!

  20. perfect idea Claire - one you should repeat every now and then - is there a country cost comparison on the store web site also??

  21. Claire, your fabulous sets are well worth every penny! (Or whatever is the smallest mite of currency where they travel! :)) I just know there will be many more WMS purchases in my future. I love everything about WMS, and to top it off your customer service is second to none. Some things deserve to be repeated often! :)

  22. You are absolutely right.

    The first time I've heard about WMS was on Laurie's blog.

    Then I was haunted by your stamps for a few days and I've placed an order quickly.

    My first impression was that the price was correct (around 14 euros) and on your website, your precise that the matiere is photopolymere, like PTI's. "Great" I thought.

    The day I received my very first sets : vintage label 1 and 4, I smelt the package and I thought : "it smelt goooddd", then I opened it and I was very impressed by the size of the stamps, the quality and the choice.

    During my last order, I've was surprise to see the new packaging, very class, very beautiful, very unique.

    Right now I am awaiting for Ice Boxes I've ordered in USA especially to store them. May be you will be able to sell some kind of storage into your webshop.... WMS custormers may be interested.

    I love your stamps, I love your mind, and I'm sure you are a very kind person.
    Also, I need to thank you for trying to use french into my blog and on my invoice, you always put a kind word in French, I really apreciate it.

    Have a good evening,

  23. Wonderful information Claire. Thank you. Can't wait for May release to get here. LOL

    (I'm checking my mail every day for a royal mail package to arrive. It's extremely hard to wait!)

  24. I, too am impressed with both the quality and the quantity! I think I've kept it quiet cos I'm afraid the powers that be would put a hex on my connection with joy-lol!
    It's truly is amazing how many stamps you do place on your sets- jam packed!- and always versatile. Your vision is strong and so is your clientele.
    WMS is a much loved company full of inspiring ideas, super value and friendly customer service.

  25. Absolutely, blow that horn, Claire!! Your stamp sets are a fabulous value and it's time everyone out there knew it :) . Also, I have to commend you on the beautiful packaging you are using now. It is perfect!

  26. I am still quite interested in carrying these in my stamp store in the US. Have you had any luck coming up with a way to do that? Contact me at:


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