Saturday, 27 March 2010

...good grief

where has the week gone??

Well, we had our larger daughters school play this week which ate up two nights, It was just brilliant, I hadn't laughed so much in quite a while, just what was needed, they were fab.

The production was "Shenanigans in Sherwood" and was a Robin Hood tale with lots of twists. I cannot wait to get the DVD!!

Today was the last day of term so they're off for two weeks!! Bigger girlie is concocting a list of places to go/things to

Aside from that I've been fervently working on he May release, you might know that May is sort of our first birthday here at WMS and I'd like to mark the occasion in some way, a few ideas

Yep, my little stamp company is nearly one!

Can you believe we started on 18th May last year? I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned in one year, I have to say tho' I mostly learned how much I still don't know! LOL, anyhow before that we have the April release and I'll be back with a wee sneaky peeky tomorrow! This one's a bit different...

In the meantime here's a pic of one of my fave things from the very first release in May last year! The wee red shoes get me every time! lol


  1. Wow, I can't believe how quick time has flown,
    Have fun on the school hols,

  2. wow a year!!! Happy early birthday/anniversary Claire. Your company has grown by leaps and bounds.

  3. Oh have a wonderful time with the girls. Almost a year! I can't wait to celebrate!

  4. Gosh, one whole year and it has flown by....your daughter can put 'helping Mummy with the April release' at the top of her list?
    Let's hope our weather realises the kids are off school...

  5. Have a great time with your kids! I can't belive it's almost been a year already--huge congrats to you!!

  6. So exciting Claire! There are many wonderful things ahead in Year 2 and beyond, I just know it!!!

    The play sounds like a blast... and I'd listen to your girl about places to go, things to do. You need a break!!!

  7. How fun to attend your daughters play Claire! what a great event and how super that it's going to be on DVD!!! Don't forget to share pics with us of places you go this week!!

  8. Enjoy your children being home for two weeks!! I'm looking forward to a few days off with my not-so-little-anymore guy. Can't wait for this release and wow does time fly!


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