Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I'm not too proud to admit I was a little tearful at times yesterday and had the odd lump in my throat!!! I received so many well wishes and encouraging comments, not to mention oodles of orders!!

I just want to say thank you all.

I and I want to know how best to thank you all!!! so while I pack and post you can all be dropping me comments about your favourite reward schemes!!! Other folks run them and I'm casting around for a way to reward all my lovely customers!!! I have one or two ideas myself, but I don't think it ever hurts to ask what folks think!!!

Most of those folks who ordered yesterday had their packages shipped this morning (I was literally standing at the computer with envelopes in hand as orders came in!! lol and this time I had prepared my envies in advance with my addy on the back! duh!), but it will be tomorrow before I even get to writing shipping notices!! lol! But I think I hit the ground running and I'm pleased to say the new store is very helpful to me in terms of organisation.

My email did crumble under the strain at one point last night but It's ok now, just please give me a day's grace if you're waiting on an email reply to anything!!

Also - Halloween folks - who had already ordered and were waiting, your envies went out yesterday literally a half hour after the stock arrived!!! Shipping notices will follow!

Thank you all.


  1. Your designs are fabulous and I am impressed with your efforts to ship quickly. Yesterday was my first order with you and I am told I will love the quality of the stamps (on a chatboard). If this is true, you will be seeing more of my money. You are going to give some other companies some real competition here! Congrats! Can't wait to share your stuff with my blog readers!

  2. YEAH!! :) Happy for you Claire -- I'm glad the big launch was a success!! I'm waiting upon my next payday to place an order -- but am looking forward to it -- I just LOVE the sentiments in 'Blessed by You' and I MUST have them! Have a wonderful day Claire!

  3. Congrats!!! I am glad to hear that your new store is a smashing success!!! I can't wait until I can place my order...Lovey your stamps!!! Many Blessings!!!!

  4. So glad the launch went well! The new stamp sets are fantastic. Can't wait to get the one I have ordered - I already have plans for it!:D Well done!

  5. Hello Claire,

    i just came across your BLOG today.
    Love your stamp designs.

    Good luck with your new store.

  6. Congratulations Claire!
    I made sure I ordered right away after everything sold out last month!
    I think you and your company are going to be very successful.
    I know I am looking forward to getting my package and using my new sets - Whoo Hoooo!

    I would love it if you did something like every 15 sets you buy in a year you get 1 free - hee hee :D

    Hope those orders keep coming in for you and again congratulations you deserve it!

  7. Whoo, hoo Claire! so happy to hear your 'grand opening' was a great success! I can just picture you hurrying and scurrying around getting the orders packaged!!!

    well - free stamps is always a great reward! that 'other' company gives a set at the end of the year to people who have ordered 12 sets over the year and it's a set no one can buy..... love that! or some kind of discount for people who order every month maybe??? don't know quite how that would work.... or for every 3 your order get 50% off a 4th set?? free shipping on a certain level of purchase? no novel ideas are coming to me I'm afraid - I'll let you know if something pops into my brain!

  8. I am so happy for you that your business is taking off! My husband and I are presently in a temporary moratorium on spending, so I am having to wait to order from this release!

    I totally agree that some sort of free, or discount would be great if you are able to do something like that!

    If you decide on a limited edition free set, my only request is to have enough notice so that I can make sure I buy enough to earn it!!

  9. The quality and design of your stamps are reward enough for me but a free stamp now and then never hurts. I so wanted to order EVERYTHING yesterday but had to choose my top "must haves" instead. I just knew you would be a success and I am sooo happy for you.

  10. I'm so happy for you, Claire. You so deserve it. You are an amazing artist.

  11. Hello Claire! I ordered my first set from you just this minute! I'm so excited! Will be using them alot! Congrads on your success. Your stamps are simply beautiful! Hugs, michelle

  12. Yay Claire! I am so glad things started off well. I know I was certainly excited to let the cat out of the bag! Can't wait to see your stamps popping up everywhere!

  13. Claire, I am so happy with your success. You really deserve it. I ordered two sets yesterday. Last month I ordered the Very Vintage Christmas set and I cannot stop creating. I am making backgrounds with all the tiny stamps you included in the set. These stamps are so versatile and elegant and you can be sure that I will be a regular customer. Also, I love the quality of the stamps. I am happy to support your Company because I can see you are working hard and it makes me happy to create nice cards after work... it's so relaxing after spending long hours in an office!!!
    Reward scheme: I'd prefer a discount instead of having to wait one year to have a free set.

    I am happy you have already shipped the first orders... I cannot wait to receive the two stamps I have ordered.

  14. Congratulations on making your new store such a success Claire. Can't wait for my order to arrive - you are so efficient I know it won't be long!

  15. You are amazing Claire! Dont kill yourself shipping stamps! So proud of you!!! I always knew you would do big things, your designs are amazing.

  16. Claire, I am so happy for you! Looks like things with your new store went very well and your effort to ship things out quickly is greatly appreciated! I am really looking forward to receiving my first order--know it will be fabulous! I am sure any bonus or discount you might offer would be great but just receiving top quality stamps along with your wonderful design tips is fine for me!

  17. very glad to hear that the launch was such a success. i had only stumbled on the site a few days ago but you had me hooked on your style right away. i'm excited to support such a great artist and can't wait to use the new stamps!

  18. Congrats on designing such beautiful sets. It will feel like Christmas early when I get my order. Looking forward to seeing samples from your talented design team.


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