Monday, 5 August 2013


It's time for a sneaky peeky! August release has sort of crept up on me! You'll never guess what this is.... lol. We have a huge bundle of new stamps coming on the 10th August. Between now and then we will have some sneaks, some inspirational samples form the ladies and a comp, we must have a good old comp....

Oh and don't forget that tonight (Monday night) we will be announcing the First Bedtime Story sketch winner and we will also be announcing who will join us as a future Guest DT member! Chat soon.


  1. Arrrr... I spy the Black Pearl. Would love some piratey stamps...

  2. Ahoy Claire :) It looks verrrry exciting..!

  3. I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas day ...... - well it's that or pirates!

  4. I'm hoping it's the three ships sailing on Christmas day! Looking forward to the full reveal now.

  5. I love marine stamps. Can't wait to see what's comming next.


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