Tuesday, 23 July 2013

...warning....more Royal baby fever....

Och wee folks are just irresistible, it's the wee fingers and the wee toes, all those wee chubby wrinkles... it's very nearly enough to make me want to do it all over again....but not quite, I'm delighted to have reached the stage where mine can now all feed themselves...

Since we have a new Royal here in the UK and since everyone is in such a good mood about it, we're offering our customers 25% off all our baby related sets - you can see which sets are included by clicking this link, or the image above.

Use the code tinytoes in the checkout to get 25% off these sets until midnight tomorrow night! Folks who ordered any of these sets since yesterday morning, when the little prince was born, will receive their 25% off as a partial refund also!!


  1. Lovely idea Claire, thank you.

  2. Love the checkerboard! So wonderful to welcome babies into this world!

  3. Cute idea! Everyone loves to welcome babies into the world!

  4. Such a sweet cad - I do like the quilted effect in the background and those shoes are just so cute!

  5. Thanks Claire for your generosity, I have taken advantage of your kind offer cant wait for them to arrive. LOVE LOVE LOVE Waltzing mouse thanks again


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