Tuesday 13 December 2016

...Gina K Designs – December Inspiration Blog Hop – Day 2

The Cast and Crew for Gina K Designs welcomes you to another fabulous blog hop celebrating the new stamp release for December by our illustrator team! We hope to inspire you with some beautiful card projects as you hop along to each of the designer’s blogs! Today, we are featuring the stamp sets by Beth Silaika and me - Claire Brennan!
Here are the sets:
Xavier Zebra from Beth
 Half Pint Heroes by Me
 Half Pint Heroines by Me

Enjoy the gorgeous inspiration samples from the team and then comment on each blog for your chance to win a $20 Gina K Designs gift certificate! To see who won, check the Big News Forum at StampTV a few days after the hop. Ready for some inspiration? Here are a few of the projects I have created for today’s hop:

 For my card for Beth's set, Xavier Zebra,  I pounced on this cheery little toucan and gave him the bright treatment - what a great little image! This set is kind of a twofer - there's a super cute little zebra in there too!

I'm so excited to bring you these two 'heroes' sets. These are a favourite of mine because they speak to my heart. The first of these sets to be created was inspired by my son - my little dude. We were doodling one night and just to amuse him I started drawing pictures of him inside space rockets and cars - he loved it! It fired his imagination to picture himself in those sorts of situation even though he was just a kid. I thought that the images would make a great stamp set, not only for me to make cards for him with, but to let him play with as well. It's his top favourite set of mine.

My first Heroes card has a little dude's head peeping out of a spaceship - I created a galaxy background for this image and then I stamped and coloured the spaceship and trimmed it out before popping it onto the galaxy with foam dots. The sentiment "My favourite li'l space cadet" is added with versamark and then white embossing powder, heated. This really helps it to pop on that dark background.

That's my dude in the space ship - the set comes with many little heads, hopefully one of them will loosely resemble the little dude in your life - and you can have fun putting him in different scenarios. 

I made a co-ordinating taggie for this card, to add to a gift, but my little man wants it as a book mark so I wasn't 'allowed' to stick it on to

My second 'Heroes' sample today is a little interactive card I made - the spaceship can zoom around the moon thanks to a strip of clear acetate pinned to the card base in the bottom right hand corner and covered with a paper moon shape. My kid likes to spin himself around the moon on this card. This makes a great birthday card or even an invite!

This next card is an oldie but goodie - it shows my little dude in the car from the set:

Ok, on to the girls!
This first card is especially dear to me as the elephant stamp from this set was drawn by my smallest daughter. When I was making the girl set to go with the boy set I wanted to continue the vehicle theme to help foster the idea of exploration and travel - the idea that you can do anything/go anywhere you want if you just put your mind to it - My little lady and I came up with a list of vehicles that she would like to 'drive' and one of them was an elephant...and why not! So, she drew this elephant for me and I was delighted to add him, I want my wee folk to feel like they have the potential to do anything!

The sentiments in these two heroes sets are all important for me - I included several phrases that could work in many different situations. I wanted the wee folks to know many things - how important they are to me, how happy they make me, and how they can do anything!

I added pockets to this card, so that I could add more messages!

The inside of the card. Incidentally this is one of those cards that doesn't need an excuse such as a birthday - make something like this and send it, just whenever you feel like it!

Just like the boy set, the girl set contains options for various girls, I sure hope you find one to suit!
This is my middle chick, and this is how my kids make me feel, every day!

Ok, have you room for one more?

I adore the hot air balloon! I cut out some clouds from felt for this one. The right hand cloud is a stamp included in the set, you can use it as a guide to freehand a slightly different shape if you need a family of clouds.

And just one more - I wanted to show you that the sets are fully interchangeable - you can swop the vehicles and the people! My pal Anya made this for me - she made this gem with a girl and a boy in the car!

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