Saturday, 15 June 2013

...footering with Folk art

I have been footering with Folk Art Medallion stamps all week in between work/home etc and I have to say this set makes me really, really happy. Thing is my favourite bit of stamping is actualy the stamping, I love making patterns especially.

Really all I did today was stamp the pattern, the cameo lady from Cameo To Go was already lying around waiting for a good home. Very simple stamping, black ink, white ink on grey card, just playing about with elements from the set, no pressure, no deadline, love it. OOh teeny bit of sparkly ribbon for a little zing.

Hope it tickles.


  1. Beautiful and elegant Claire! This set makes some awesome backgrounds!

  2. I love this set too, its so amazing as its just got so many variations!

  3. This is stunning Claire!! Love the pattern and the white images interspersed with the black!! WOW!

  4. Girls! So many stamps, so little time! I just hope I live long enough to enjoy all my WMS goodies! I can hardly wait to use this one! It is still in the package, but not for long! As always, Claire, your work is pristine and amazing! Long live the Queen Mouse!
    Melinda - Winter Bear Trading

  5. Gorgeous card! Very classy - and the glitteryness is a fun touch ;)
    Glad you liked my Nordic Spring card btw!!! Hugs, Rx

  6. Stunning!
    That's all I can say.
    That background...
    in those colors...
    such elegance and so perfect for that gorgeous silhouette!
    LOVE it! :)

  7. This is beautiful ! I had fun making backgrounds with this set too one day. I just stamped away for fun ! I like how you mixed the leaves in with it too!

  8. Love the pattern you made for the background: it's just lovely!!

  9. Wow, absolutely beautiful! Love the black and white and gray, and then that dash of color with the ribbon.

    Hey, I just noticed your new blog photo. Is that a haircut I see? I like it!

  10. Thank you for footering around with this set. I actually won this set from a blog hop and to be honest I wasn't sure what to do. This is beautiful and inspires me to go try my out!

  11. Great background , I thought book covers,rather than cards, thanks for the inspiration .

  12. A wonderful background Claire! love the dark grey (black?) and white inkings! and the great slash of red on an angle!

  13. Beautifully elegant! Love the mono theme with just a touch of red - fab!


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