Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Christmas Card Challenge Winner Announced!

For the past two years, the Waltzingmouse Stamps Christmas Card Challenge has provided inspiration and motivation helping forum members get a jump on holiday card creating. Each month a different challenge has been thrown down, and many have taken that challenge and created some amazing cards, but more importantly, they have increased their stash of Christmas cards so they were prepared and were ready to send out their cards early. Many of the players have done just that...completed the entire year's worth of challenges and they had all their Christmas cards ready for mailing before the holiday rush overcame them.

Additionally, we have dangled the preverbal carrot in front of our forum members, in the form of a grand prize opportunity for those who have participated each month. Now that December is nearly over, it’s time to select the GRAND PRIZE winner. But before I announce the winner, I want to congratulate all the creative ladies who have completed all 12 challenges this past year.

Julia Aston

Linda Suarez

Jen Treadway

Carola Dolder

Charmaine Stack

Deborah Frings

Cassie K

Christine Kennedy

Cassandra Jones

Katherine Lesh

Sarah Costello and

Maja Stefancic

So without further delay - I'm happy to announce the winner of the 2012 Waltzingmouse Stamps Christmas Card Challenge:

The winner is... Christine Kennedy!

Congratulations Christine – not only have you scored a wonderful prize, but you have accomplished a task that many wish they had. Please send me an e-mail at lynn dot mercurio at g-mail dot com and I will provide you with a special code for you to use so that you may begin using your $150.00 gift at the Waltzingmouse Store. You don't have to use the gift code all in one shot, but don't let that stop you if you want to go "hog-wild".

Many thanks go out to all the participants for their creative inspiration.

Happy New Year!


  1. Congratulations, Christine! What a great prize. I enjoyed seeing your cards for the contest, but I loved your adorable December card the most! Thanks, Lynn, for being such an inspiration for us all year.

  2. Congratulations, Christine, to this fabulous grand prize! Enjoy this belated Christmas gift and enjoy shopping!

    And Lynn, thanks again for all the great inspirations every month. They did not only help me get my Christmas cards ready in time, but they were also great ideas how to use my Waltzingmouse stamps.

    Happy New Year to everybody!

    Kind regards

  3. Congratulations Christine! Have a wonderful time shopping :))) And Lynn - thank you so much for organising the Christmas Card Challenge, much appreciated.

    Enjoy the last day of 2012!!!

  4. YAY, Christine!!! :)
    And I am so committed to this one this year!
    I know...I said it last year and failed...
    miserably :( ...
    but life has changes for me in the coming year and I refuse to fail again so can't wait for the first challenge to go up! :)
    Happy 2013!!

  5. Woo Hoo! Christine! Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations Christine!!!

    Will the Christmas card challenge continue in 2013?

  7. Congratulations Christine!!
    Have fun shopping!

  8. What a fantastic New Years present Christine! Many congrats and well done everyone else for finishing the challenge...wish I'd done it!

  9. Congrats, Christine! Woohoo...have fun shopping!!!!


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