Friday 17 August 2012

...more snaps

Evening all - I have a couple more holiday snaps for you, the first is the view down towards Brandon Bay from the Conor Pass above Dingle, a spectacular vista that the pic just does not convey!

A little mossy wall from along the way. How gloriously green is this moss?

And another epic site on the Dingle Peninsula, Gallarus Oratory, an ancient church. Over a thousand years old and virtually intact. Built with dry stone. I have to say, I was itching to see this, but it was a little eerie inside, or maybe that's the claustraphobia talking....

Inside the oratory.

Hope to be back later for the Blog Party? Will I put the kettle on for you?


  1. Wow! Wonderful shots, and that church?? Amazing. So wild to think who could have been in there so many years ago, and what it would have been like.

  2. Oh, that church is *amazing*... isn't it incredible just how long these beautiful structures can stand? That is something we definitely lack here in North America - thousand year old buildings! Beautiful post again! :)

  3. Fab pictures, Claire! Thanks for sharing...

  4. Great photos, you can't beat the Dingle Peninsula. Gallarus is really amazing! Gotta love that mossy green!

  5. Wow, the green is so green!!! I love the pictures~keep 'em coming. ;)

  6. Wonderful pictures and yes please, put the kettle on ;)

  7. That church is incredible!! I love the history you have "over there"! :)

  8. Oh, Claire...
    if I could wake everyday looking at the view in the first pic...
    I would swear that I had died and gone to heaven...
    took my breath away!
    And I'm in agreement with the church...
    amazing to behold...
    but I think I would do much better just on the outside! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Love it, love it, love it! Wonderful pictures....TFS
    Paper Hugs,

  10. Beautiful photos that brought back wonderful memories of our holiday there 12 or so years ago. Isn't it a pity photographs don't really convey the magnificence of a panoramic view such as the one in your photo. Elizabeth

  11. Lovely snaps Claire! I love the pictures you share with us: it's mind boggling to me the OLD places you can just drive to and see! No such thing in Calif: back 250 years is old to us!! I'm amazed at that wall of fuschia's!!! We had one (small)plant in our front yard when I was growing up, and I marveled at the pretty blooms. I tried to grow one at my home when I got married, but it is hotter and drier here than in the SF bay area proper, so even in the shade my poor little fuschia died. I didn't buy another cause I didn't want to knowingly murder another one :-) thanks for sharing your lovely pics!! Hugs, Helen

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos Claire.


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