Saturday 3 December 2011


Good Friday Night to you!! Just posting a quick tag - we have our tag competition underway here, are you gonna play? Good!

This is a fun little tag I made with a Spellbinders labels 5 die and the corresponding stamp from a much underused set - Little Box Labels. I love the shape of this and I remember designing it, thinking that it would be fun to be able to trim out that larger circle and put something in behind.

So I made up a double tag - two identical die cuts, held together with a brad - this allows the front part of the tag to pivot so that you can reveal the image underneath.

I  add a silhouette of the Claus himself and couldn't resist the little 'Been Good?" (Santa's coming to town and Candy Jar Christmas sets )

The 'Greetings' on the top part of the tag is from Say it loud - Winter Holiday. Foliage is from Festive Foliage. It was a real hotch potch of stamps last night, but I was just footering with whatever was on my table. Hope it tickles.

Got a quick how-to for anyone who has Little box labels and would like to know how to trim out that larger circle. It's easy if you have a Spellbinders circle die, you can just line the circle up on the image, but If you would like to use a 1 inch punch here is a neat method:

1. Stamp label, trim it out with a Spellbinders Labels 5 die template. Take a piece of scrap and punch out 1 inch circle, keep the circle and the left over bit.

2. Line up the circle inside the larger circle shape on the stamped label, adhere with a tiny amount of glue or tape.

3. Fit the leftover bit of card over the circle, being careful not to move the circle.

4. carefully (with tweezers?) remove the circle keeping the left over bit in place and use a pencil to draw a line around the inside of the punched out circle. You can still see my wee tiny bit of left over glue in the pic below where i removed the circle.

5. Remove the spare card to reveal the drawn circle.

6. Use the drawn circle as a guide for your punch and voila, a perfecly placed punched circle, right where you want it.

Hope it tickles and don't forget to play here.


  1. I *LOVE* the smoke coming from his pipe!!!!!!! This is gorgeous, as always... I love that we're seeing more projects from you lately!!

  2. Claire, What a clever tag - love the peek a boo Santa with sentiment! The rich colors are perfect for Christmas. I definately have to get the Little Box Labels Set!!

  3. Claire, What a clever tag - love the peek a boo Santa with sentiment! The rich colors are perfect for Christmas. I definately have to get the Little Box Labels Set!!

  4. Excellent idea - I'm going to try this soon! A lovely big tag that will certainly turn an ordinary gift into something extra special.

  5. How very clever and so totally fab this is! So extra special, rather than just an ordinary gift tag. I love the interactivity of this beauty.

  6. What a great tag! Genius indeed! I don't have a wee Santa (and you are saying 'why not'?) but a great idea for other things too......

  7. Love this idea, Claire!! What a beautiful tag... you make the prettiest Christmas projects & stamps too. {hugs}

  8. Brilliant idea! What's that lovely caramel color ink you used! I love the subtle tone of the tag background:)

  9. Oh these are brilliant! I love the way your creations always look so authentically vintagey Claire. It never feels contrived - just brilliant!

  10. SO Super gorgeous Claire!


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